Easy Ways to Take the Best Care of Your Car’s Ceramic Coating

For every car enthusiast, investing in ceramic coatings has become quite popular. If you go for DIY coating installation or get it applied from a professional service provider, it is crucial to maintain it. This will keep it looking in the best condition. There are a few instructions that need to be followed if you are performing the maintenance of your ceramic coating by yourself. Following the recommendations of the manufacturer is one way to ensure the ceramic coating stays in top-notch condition for the longest time. 

Taking care of the ceramic coating on your car is not as easy as it seems to be. For someone who is new to the world of ceramic coating and isn’t sure what is the correct procedure of ensuring its best condition. Below are a few handy tips for taking the best care of your ceramic coated car and making it last for the longest time.

The best way to maintain the ceramic coating is to wash the car regularly. If you don’t give importance to washing then it will have a negative impact on the hydrophobic qualities of the coating. Once the coating is applied, the whole process of washing becomes quite simple and easy. Also, there is no need for you to spend your time waxing your car! Hand washing should always be the preferred method over an automatic car wash. Using automatic car washes over a repeated time begins to degrade the coating. If you still want to opt for an automatic touchless wash, it is recommended to go for the most basic package that comes with the air dryer at the end.

  • Utilize the Right Products

It is always advisable to only use high quality products designed by a ceramic coating manufacturers on your car. For a buyer, it’s always great to have options for ceramic coating products. You will find a plethora of products in the market these days, however, you must only choose the ones that are the best. You should never compromise on the quality even if you need to pay extra dollars for the maintenance products. This is essential in order to enjoy their great benefits in the long run.

  • Pick the Right Tools

When we talk about auto detailing tools, it can be overwhelming for a novice person to know what is needed and what is not. There are few simple tools for people who wash their car by hand at home. A few of these are below:

  • Pressure washer or a garden hose with a high quality nozzle
  • Two to three buckets with grit guards consisting of wash, rinse, and wheel buckets
  • Quality microfiber wash mitt
  • Quality microfiber drying towel

It is essential to only use clean and high quality towels and mitts while washing your car by hand. To get the best overall results you should use grit guards at the bottom of the buckets and follow the two-bucket wash method that we will discuss later.

  • Use the Correct Procedure

Once you know what the right products and tools are, let’s discuss the correct way to use them for properly washing the car. Below are a few of the important things that you need to keep in mind:

  • DON’T wash your car in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. Ensure the paint is cool before you apply soap or chemicals to it. Wash in the shade or when the intensity of sunlight is low.
  • Contact wash will properly clean the car. Only rinsing off will not fully clean it, even with a ceramic coating.
  • You should dry the car in order to avoid any water spots. When water is left on the surface of the car, it tends to leave water spots on the surface of the coating.
  • Use light pressure while washing and drying your car. As ceramic coatings are quite slick, a quality microfiber wash mitt will easily glide across the surface. For a car owner, you don’t have to worry as your life will become quite easy.
  • Compressed air, a leaf blower, or a dedicated forced air car dryer can be used for drying the majority of the car.

Summing Up

Now that you have come to know about the various ways of maintaining the condition of your car’s ceramic coating, all you need to do is follow them. These will enable you to make sure the coating is in top-notch condition and your car is always protected. Also, you can consult a professional service provider like Kovalent Coatings to get insights into the best practices to keep the ceramic coating always shining. If you want to buy different types of high grade ceramic coating products, you should only choose a trusted source.

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