Purchasing a Bike In Pakistan

Bikes In Pakistan:

One of the key modes of transport in Pakistan for the masses is a motorcycle. For many, it is an affordable option to commute daily for their work as well as use it as a family vehicle. Due to the increasing number of bike users, there happens to be a lot of brands that have released different bikes in the market with varying levels of specifications. But the question remains, are there any that add real value to your experience? Or are they just similar to each other with simply a different design and brand name?

To help you figure this out, here are a few bike brands which provide affordable models that are also economical for your daily fuel consumption;

Yamaha Motorcycles:

The Japan-based company, Yamaha manufactures a range of bikes starting from 125cc to 500cc. It is one of the biggest names in the biking industry due to its stylish designs and affordable prices. Their bikes are also known for their high speed and endurance which contributes to long-lasting usage of the bike. The company also uses the latest technology with a focus on crafting a durable body that provides its rider with comfort and stress-free usage. Their warranty and customer service also make it a preferred option for many bike users.

Atlas Honda Bikes:

With a motorcycle e store in Pakistan, Atlas Honda Pakistan is arguably the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan. First off, their bikes are easily available on their website, along with installment plans, making it easy for people to purchase one. Furthermore, their diverse range of bikes, along with consumer trust, gained over decades of quality and meeting people’s needs, plays a vital role in elevating their brand image. One of their most popular products is their Atlas Honda CD70, which is a highly affordable, convenient, and economical option for a large population of Pakistanis.

Atlas motorcycle spare parts in Pakistan are easily available through all major and small dealers, which makes it a lucrative option for any potential buyer. What’s more, is that the low friction piston rings make the bike’s performance faster than before. Another significant feature the Honda bike has is a higher compression ratio, which gives the engine high-temperature resistance.

United Bike:

United boasts bikes that are easy to maintain and even cost slightly lesser than some other brands. All those who require a good vehicle for their daily commute, to and from the office should opt for its 70CC or 100CC variant. The 4 strokes bike is not just wonderfully designed with the rider’s comfort in mind, but with its KW Power, it boasts great speed. It also manages fuel consumption so that the bike is For novice bikers looking to get their hands on a high-quality bike, the United 100CC or 70CC are two options that they can rely on.

Suzuki :

With Suzuki’s basic model being a 110CC bike, the company has developed a name for itself as one of the premium motorcycle brands. The price of its bike reflects its high brand value, but it also delivers on its promise by giving users a comfortable design and durable build. Since its engine is 110CC, bikers can expect more power and speed, but with some added fuel costs to their budget. It is a bike that surely a true bike lover will understand.

Whether you are just starting with your first bike or intend to trade your previous one for a newer model, extensive knowledge of bikes is crucial. Ensuring that the bike fulfills your basic needs should be a key criterion in selecting the best pick for yourself.


Here we listed the best bike shops in Pakistan. They are such a good choice as they offer you all sorts of bikes for all kinds of people. So, hurry up and visit these stores at the earliest if you want to buy a good bike in Pakistan. You would definitely find one or two that fit your preferences. Once you have made the final decision, then what you have to do next is to make the right choice. Pak wheels provides you with the best quality at the cheapest rate. You can pick the size of your bike according to the purpose. If you are in a hurry, then go for ready-made. If you want to customize it, then go for custom-made option.

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