10 Silver Eye Makeup Looks To Tap Into The Soft, Dreamy Gal Within You

Even though it’s only the 1st month of 2023, stars and influencers have already left on their tracks. There’s a plethora of head-swivelling over-the styles that are rapidly transforming into fashions. The show features a balanced collection of minimalist and clean eye makeup styles, with each category and their collections being an array of silver-drenched inner-corners lids, brow bones, and brows.

Although some of these designs are awash in silver-tipped waterlines, other styles rely on the experience of the color to create full-throttle looks. Here are some of the most stunning variations of silver eye makeup, along with the most innovative line of products to create them using. Look it up! You can find affordable eyeliner price options at lakme.

10 Of The Most Dreamy Silver Eye Makeup Looks

It’s time to upgrade your appearance. You’ll need to play around with these styles now!


If You’re Running Late

You can swap the usual jet-black flick to something with a star-studded look. The adored silver look is absolutely stunning. Draw a cat-eye smudge across either eye and you’re finished. Make sure that the flick is sharp and thinin order to convey the an aesthetic more effectively.


The Night Out You Had Is Not Complete Without This One

Are you looking for ideas? If the standard cat-eye flick isn’t working for you, then elevate your style with this. While the majority of flicks are set upwards towards the eyebrow or forehead however this one slopes downward. Begin to outline with the (lower) line of water with the color and when you’ve reached outer-corners, join both flicks and leave a little room between. Be sure to trace the ‘V’ on the inner-corners in order to make it appear.


It’s the clean girl aesthetic that meets Soft Glam

Are you more minimalist? Don’t worry. Line the lid using a swipe of silver. This is a great example of the look of a lazy-girl.


Did Someone Say Dewy Dumpling?


This all-over silver look is an opulent look is perfect for night out. You can prepare your eyes prior to beginning the process. To get the glazed, dewy dumpling effect, cover your eyes with lip-gloss before pulling out some metallic silver in your palette. Place a little products onto a finely-tipped cosmetic brush and then dab it on the lids. Be sure to go across the crease and under-eye area as well. Make sure to highlight the inner-corners as well. This is an amazing sparkling silver eye makeup!

Cat Eye Sharp Enough to Kill A Man

Place the eye’s base on the eyes using a powerful flash of silver. Then make sure your lids are framed by using a classic cat-eye wing like the one shown in this image. While there’s a stark sharp contrast in the shades the two shades complement perfectly. Take note of how the wings are slim and sharp. If you’d like to give some color to your eyes, paint the browbone pink.

If You’re Still Not Feeling Euphoria You’re Not Over Euphoria

It is possible to frame your eyeshadow using an wing similar to this and put some rhinestones in the outer and inner corners of your lids by using glue for the lashes. That’s it!


The Negative Space Gives You A Lighthouse

This easy swish of silver strikes an equilibrium between minimalism and drama. Although the silver-colored eyeliner is visible however, it is subtle. The only thing you have to do is draw a line around your upper-crease , then flick with the corner of your eyes in the form of an wing. The negative space in and this is your signal to get on the wave.


A Masterclass On Elevating A Cat Eye


While this style is built on flicks and wings It’s quite different from the styles that were previously discussed. Make sure to set the base of the eyes by applying a hint of pink and then fill into the eyes with a silver cat-eye flick. The next step is framing each wing using jet-black eyeliner. While this may require some precision on your part but the final result is beautiful!


Natural is the Way To Get

To get a natural, silver-toned eye makeup, go for this classic cat-eye but without the glam of the black flicks. What do you think about it?


Simple and Sassy

Follow the same steps as you’ve done to get a dewy dumpling appearance. Make the eyes appear more glam with lip-gloss and then dab some silver on the lids. Add some stickers on the lids and you’re finished! It’s a very simple silver makeup appearance.

Which of these silver-colored eye makeup looks do you plan to recreate? Spill!


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