Makeup For Blue Dress: 10 Makeup Looks That Guarantee Endless Compliments

In the past, you’ve seen all the color trends that will reign in 2023. Be it lilac, tangerine or millennial pink, there’s always one hue you start looking at everywhere, until it slowly gets into your wardrobe. The latest color to join this vibrant crew is blue. It is linked to the tranquil waters of seas and a clear blue sky and also the symbolic meaning of trust and loyalty. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we’re all awed by the shade. It’s true that the fashion world is having a serious blue moment, particularly in regards to dresses.

If you’ve added the blue dress to your shopping cart, we’re here to help in the department of beauty. We’ve compiled the most fashionable makeup looks to wear with blue dress. If you’re looking to ensure that everyone’s eyes are at your every move these makeup styles will surely be a hit.


Makeup for Blue Dress

If you’re a girl looking for makeup ideas for Blue dresses, we’ve done all the difficult work for you. We scoured the depths of the internet for makeup styles that will get you many compliments. If you’re looking to turn heads continue scrolling!


To The Bold Type


The look with dark eyeliner with negative space, luscious eyelashes and glossy lips is one to be in the books and is ideal for women who aren’t afraid to take the spotlight. Make this look for a blue attire and you’re bound to receive a constant flood of flatteries.


How to create the look:


Cleanse your face and apply a primer that boosts your glow. Apply a foundation that is lightweight and apply it to your face. Make your eyes appear more radiant by applying concealer. Use an ultra-fine liquid liner to replicate the makeup of the eyes and apply a set of false lashes. Make your face appear flawless with a bronzer, and finish your look with a shiny pout.


Left On Red

We love nothing more than a lip-smacking moment and we couldn’t resist to include the stunning makeup look to our roundup of beauty tips. The fiery red lips as well as a set of brows that are brushed up and the slim eyeliner are our dreams of beauty rolled into one.


How to Create the Look


Apply brows to your brows using an brow gel that is tinted. Apply a thin winged liner. Wear the look with a an edgy skin and an eye-catching pout in red.

The Kind of Blues We Love!

Since we first came across this dreamy makeup for blue gown, it’s been residing in our minds rent-free. The model was wearing the eyeshadow in a light blue with a bare lip and lashes that flutter, and took the audience off their feet.


How to create the look


After you’ve finished your foundation makeup and concealer, apply a concealer at least two shades lighter the skin tone on your lids , allowing your eyeshadow shine. Apply an eyeliner with a winged design. Then you should curl your lashes, then apply mascara. Also, you can apply false eyelashes to boost the dramatic effect. Make sure to pair the eye makeup with a cherub’s cheeks and a naked pout.


If In Doubt, Fly It Out

It’s possible to stare at this style all day long. We’re wanting to RSVP yes to all of the forthcoming events that are on the social calendar. Wear your Blue dress and this gorgeous style and you’ll get the attention of any gathering you go to.


How to Design The Look


Apply a primer for your eyes on your eyes. After that apply a blue-colored eyeshadow to your lids. Finish the look by applying a winged eyeliner. Combine it with a smudge of cloud skin and bare lips to turn heads towards you.

Too Glamm To Give A Damn

This makeup look for a blue dress is a real shot to slam down for snaps of fire. The makeup that highlights soft-focus skin, cheeks that are chubby and a luscious pout is stunning enough to duplicate. Wear the look with a cute style and you’ll look stunning.


How to create the look


Use a brow pencil smooth out any sloppy edges. Make them more pronounced using an eyebrow gel and the Spoolie. Apply a luminous foundation over your face. Then, follow it with a bronzer and blush. Apply an eyeshadow of champagne gold on the inside of the eyes. Apply mascara, and put on a pair of fake eyelashes.

Smokin’ Hot


If you’re searching for the perfect makeup for a blue dress that will leave everyone else in shades, then this is for you. The makeup look that features glowing lips, dewy skin and smoky eyes will ensure that all eyes will be on you everywhere you travel.


How to Make The Look


Make use of a black eyeshadow that is jet-black and apply it to your lids as well as along the lower part of your lash line. Make sure to smudge it a bit to create the smoky look. Combine it with a Peach Pout, and Dewy skin , and you’re ready to go.

Soft Glamm FTW!

This makeup for a blue dress will guarantee you status as an IT-girl. Apply this makeup and you’ll want to take your selfie on Instagram. The makeup look is certain to get you a lot of likes all over the place. You can pair it with a damp hairstyle if you’re trying to impress.


How to Design The Look


Apply a full-coverage foundation with an ointment sponge that is damp to get that dewy-looking foundation. Apply a neutral brown eyeshadow over your lids as well as on your lower line of lashes. Apply a slightly darker shadow on the upper third of your eyelids. Apply a pair falsies. Wear the eye make-up with naked cheeks and lips that are flushed.

If It’s Good Enough for Khushi…

Khushi Kapoor doesn’t leave a step unturned to make us in awe of her beautiful displays and this one is no different. The look with the winged eyeliner, lips with no makeup and dewy skin are certain that you will feel just like the girl you saw in the video.


How to create the look


Make sure you apply a gold eyeshadow over your eyes. Apply a liquid eyeliner and draw it along the upper lash line to create a the shape of a winged eyeliner. Apply a creamy blush to the cheeks’ apples and then pair it with a peach-colored pout that is completely natural.


A For The Books

In terms of makeup Janhvi has no problem with makeup. The actress with doe eyes was seen wearing soft smokey eyes and brown lips in her blue dress, and we’re absolutely obsessed. We’re also in awe of her gorgeous lashes that are fluttery and full of hair.


How to Design The Look


Make sure you put some brown eyeshadow onto a brush and apply it to your eye sockets. Apply dark brown shadow to the outer edge on your eyes. Make sure you tightline your eyes with kohl and then put to a pair of falsies. Apply a foundation that is full-coverage to make sure you are able to cover the base. If you’re looking for the ’90s a more relaxed vibe, opt for a brown lipstick online.


Blue Eyes Hypnotize, Blue Eyes

Kriti Sanon was making sure that she has the ‘it’ in IT-girl , and this look is the proof. Kriti Sanon’s Bareilly Kriti Sanon Barfi actress chose blue kohl to accentuate her makeup, and she appeared gorgeous. This makeup look is light on effort , but a lot of fashion – something we like!


How to Make The Look


Make sure you have an eyeliner in blue and apply it along your upper lash line. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow over your lids. Make sure you fill your eyebrows, and finish the look by applying an unnatural brown lipstick.

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