10 Ways to Help Your Current Online Marketing Strategy Go Further

If you already own a thriving offline business, you’re not new to the marketing strategy. However, the method of driving traffic to your current online business can be a whole different animal altogether. In this piece today let’s refine the ways to help your current online marketing strategy go further.

When starting an online store, you expect to reach more prospective customers. But it’s not necessary that by online marketing everything goes according to the expectations. You’ll have to learn how to drive traffic to your site and integrate marketing between your online and offline businesses to make the best of all your channels. When working on your current online marketing strategy you can think of your prospect in three ways:

  • People who shopped with you and knew you already.
  • People who are searching for the products that you offer.
  • People you would want the product that you’re offering.  

While this is the simplest way to work on your current online marketing strategies and take them further. From marketing to acquiring those customers let’s look at the ten easiest ways to help your current online marketing strategy go further. 

Segment Your Audience

At the basic level, it’s important to thoroughly understand your audience and their needs. Single out the customers who believe in your values and target them to make your business profitable. By segmenting your clientele, you can create personalized content, sales, and campaigns that speak to them personally. 

When segmenting the audience do not just consider their usage and purchasing pattern, study them on every aspect that can help in better marketing tactics. Start with their geography, lifestyle, education, personality, beliefs, age, gender, income, and values. Marketing strategies based on identified subgroups for a particular target audience can help tailor stronger connections. 

Create and Optimize Website

Building a website for your online business is as easy as ABC. Pick a domain name depending on where you want to sell your products: globally or locally. Decide on a website-building platform. Add on the schema – design, color, fonts. Add the content you have ready at your hand and ta-da! You have your website ready. Subsequently, optimize your website with the necessary information, including FAQs, return policy, shipping policy, and customer support – make sure to spot this one easily, your offline store address (if any), order details, and also add the links of your social media platform presence – Instagram, Facebook.

Strictly ensure that your website is fully optimized for search engines. You can do this by providing quality content, and user-friendly UI, and can also be absorbed during the creation of your website. If you have the budget, consider hiring a professional for this task. And stay updated about the tactics of SEO to get the highest rankings. 

Email Marketing Strategy

Even in a doctor’s profession, it’s important to have an email list. Email marketing is one of the most effective and proven marketing strategies. Email marketing helps you in retaining existing customers, as well as gaining new ones. It’s an excellent trick to build your brand awareness. Collect as many email addresses as possible so that when you launch you’ll be able to send your promotional emails to all those people encouraging them to visit your online website. 

Make sure you’re maintaining a steady flow of communication with your email list. Develop a rhythmic cadence of your mails with promotions, events, product launches, and other offers. 

Promote Online Bookings

Your consumers are using multiple channels to interact with you. By implementing an online booking system you’re ensuring convenience and a personalized experience for them. Give your customers the flexibility to engage with you by using Picktime. Picktime is a free appointment booking software. Build to serve every business according to their personal needs. With Picktime you can book a room, schedule a meeting, or conduct a group class at multiple locations, and accept bookings 24×7. Picktime gives you a personalized booking page, real-time calendar, and 24×7 email support. 

Not only this with Picktime you get a book now button for your website so that your clients can book appointments with you, without even you getting involved. Your customers will also receive meeting reminders via SMS and email. Apart from appointment bookings, Picktime can also handle your payments and invoices. Get all these powerful features at a budget and user-friendly platform, Picktime. To know more, sign up today!

Make Your Buyer’s Journey Smooth

Now when you’re all set with your website and email list of customers, make sure to design the process in a way to make your buyer’s journey smooth. Do thorough research on your visitors – how much time are they spending on each page and what made them leave your website. 

Advancement in the customer-centric form of marketing is revolving around personalized content. Established brands leverage data insights on buying patterns, behaviors, and social tools to guide their content creation. A customer purchasing phase is a journey of awareness, consideration, decision, and loyalty. You must work hard to understand your customer’s journey so that they increase your sales and marketing funnels. When you add a touch of personalization you stand a chance of more conversion in your leads. 

Boost Your Organic Social Presence

When starting your online marketing strategy you have to grab every opportunity to boost your digital engagement. One of the easiest ways to give a little extra attention to your social media handles, and make sure they’re stocked with good videos, and vibrant images, and are always updated. 

You can also create an e-commerce blog and add content related to your niche. This will add to your brand and social reach amongst the potential audience. You’ll be astounded to know, more than 60% of people take help from social media platforms when making a purchasing decision. No matter the industry, if you’re inactive on social media you exclude yourself from those buyers. On the other hand, if you already have a solid online presence with a core audience, increase your post frequency, invest a little more time in creating rich visual content, and encourage more sharing of your content. 

Advertise on Social Platforms

Social media platforms are the perfect place to focus ads spend. With each platform’s different environment and voice, your business’s identity – fun, friendly or trustworthy, stays consistent. A few benefits businesses consider advertisements in online marketing strategy:

  • Low Entry Cost
  • Reach New Customers
  • Gain Audience Insights
  • Wide Range of Formats
  • Accomplish More Goals

Publish Useful and Interesting Content

In this competitive marketing landscape, creating quality content for people looking to buy your product is a great way to bring more traffic to your online business. Useful content is important for your online marketing strategy because it answers your consumers’ questions and builds trust, eventually leading to more conversions and higher sales. To score the best from your content, measure how your new pieces are performing. Create a campaign and add successful content that meets your threshold, evaluate carefully what’s working for your business and what’s not. Although these limitations are always changing, this process is an effective way to score the best in your online marketing strategy. 

Leverage Your Offline Store

If you’re a yoga trainer and already have name recognition and loyal followers you can use your current connections to help drive traffic to your online store. Help the customers with your ideas and information even after they leave the store, this will keep them engaged with your brand. Which will lead them to sign up for your email updates. Your in-person customer can be your greatest converter and can help in spreading your brand name.

Use Content and PPC Marketing

The last powerful and cost-effective online marketing strategy is Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is a form of advertising that pays an advertiser every time an advertisement link is clicked on. When working with PPC you bid on keywords you want your ads to show up for, and these ads then appear on the top of the search results. 

PPC is a more direct approach to a call to action (CTA). When the user clicks on your ad they’ll be redirected to your landing page, asking to either purchase or sign up for an email newsletter or any other action. You can also use PPC for your online business and build result-driven campaigns for better sales results. 

Like every other thing, you should be able to adapt to changes and re-evaluate your business plan. We understand it gets a little overwhelming to begin with, use the above-shared online marketing strategies to escalate your online business and keep growing.

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