5 Emotional Words That Every Teen Need to Hear from Parents

Becoming a teen is a very complicated stage and to become a parent of your teen is not like that to walk in the park. It is an emotional stage for parents to know their teen when they need to prefer their friends over you and their most of the time with them. It is a time when you need a Life coach for teen to bring him on right track.

In the meantime, the brain of your teen is passing through the developing phase and their emotions are on full blast. When you feel their role eyes or they want to tell you that you are exploiting their life, it is completely overwhelming for both parent and teen as well. But by telling your teen very simple things that why are they feeling all changes and difference all can resolve easily.

In the teenage, your teen considers he knows all and what does he is all right. They think that parents are not getting their points and whatever they are doing just enough to ruin them. But you have seen all stages in your life, and it is very hard to look at them eye to eye. Well, it is all frustrating and you know you are not alone, and all these disagreements from your teen are completely normal.

Why do teens need to hear certain emotional words from parents?

Teens are popular for thinking that they know all and they tell you little because they want to show you that you don’t know about a lot of things. When they communicate with you by complicated patterns and they roll eyes while talking to you, wrong attitude, and many more.
Because you will be easily ware if you have a teen and will facing or have faced this complicated stage. As you thought that your child will not behave like this, but they are. But it doesn’t mean they have any problem, they are perfectly alright. After all, they are passing through developmental stages because they are getting changes emotionally and physically as well.

You will accept that they are smarter than you on the base of brain games because their brain has the biggest capacity now. So, with this brain, they have reached this completely natural phase.

Unfortunately, something they don’t know and most of us cannot communicate with them perfectly because their brain is big but still underdeveloped. They want to handle all things passionately, a sense of justice, what they have got from school or home is now turning into completely blast.

But now they need fine-tuning for smooth progress in work. In this stage, they are like gas pedals without breaks. They require more learning to regulate themselves and need more practice of their emotions at the right speed. Below here are five emotional words you need to say to help them.

1. You are my proud

Sometimes it looks impossible to say these words, but you need to try to say them like I am proud of your knowledge or any other activity your teen does. Go with him and try to join his activities. After doing it all, you perhaps have to hear like you are the most embarrassing person in his life but still, you need to use a proud word for him.

2. Yes, I’m wrong

Yes, it can hurt you, but it is the basis of your relationship with your child. They act as you care for them no more a moron, but the fact is their entire life is revolving around you and your guidelines. By saying these words, they will consider themselves right, and you are wrong, but at least you can start with a good step towards the development stage.

3. You are wrong

You need to say this message but in a way that they don’t feel any wrong. You know they are not always right in the field of life because you have got the experience from this phase not through your qualifications. But it doesn’t mean to prove them wrong, be honest but tell them the best solution and proposals.

4. I am listening to you

Most of the teens have the habit of either talk non-stop or don’t talk at all. It’s all the concept of a gas pedal without brakes. So, when you notice this stage, switch your mobile, shut down your laptop, and just stop everything to focus to listen to him. Make sure, you are just acting of listening, but you are listening and correct him if you find him wrong at any point.

5. I love you

The world of a teen is full of change and emotions. Teens are constantly connected with their world with the help of social media. So, to spice up your relation, you need to say to him I love you rather than to focus on you are right or I am with you. Even you can get the help of a Life coach for teen and say “I love you” if they roll their eyes.

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