8 Mistakes you might be making while running Google ads

According to a survey conducted in the past, most consumer-oriented startups have initially spent more than 50% of their raised capital on marketing, particularly on platforms like google ads. With the continuously growing amount of money being invested in google ads, it is becoming more and more important for marketers to learn and keep updating their knowledge about google ads. Digital marketers who haven’t touched google ads yet, its time for them to start learning about it from now. If you wish to acquire knowledge around google ads or if you want to pursue it in the future in your marketing career, then it’s highly recommended that you check out PIMS’s ppc course in noida which is taught by industry experts which is available both online and offline.

So, if you have already spent a few thousand rupees on google ads and you are unable to bring results that you expected then, check out these 8 mistakes you might be making while running ads on google’s networks.

  1. You are not targeting Custom intent correctly

    Targeting keywords that have serious buying intent drives good ROI from google ads. But if you are unable to do keyword research properly for your niche or haven’t experimented enough by spending some thousand rupees in ads then probably you might be losing your money on running ads on keywords that don’t bring conversions. So, it’s time to get back to your research work.

  2. You are mixing Seach & Display campaigns

    Running ads on both search and display networks together will only lead to lack of analysis and optimization. Always run ads on both networks separately, so that you can analyze them better and then you will be able to optimize them better. By running ads separately on both networks, you will be able to observe from where and how clicks, conversions and results are coming and will be able to understand how users are behaving on different networks.

  3. You are using the same content for different keywords

    You should use separate content for a different set of keywords. Suppose you are running an ad for a leather jacket seller and your ad content only contains leather jackets that are black in color but your ad is also appearing when someone searches for a brown leather jacket. Now, what do you think, how many people will click on your ad when they are searching for a brown jacket? Wouldn’t it be better if you created a separate content for an ad group containing keywords only related to a brown leather jacket. So, from now onwards, put a little bit more effort into creating separate content and using it in a separate relevant ad group.

  4. You are not tracking conversions

    Some people might think that people will click on an ad before they buy something, so why shouldn’t we only track clicks. But we should not forget that our goal is to get sales, revenue and new customers not clicks or impressions. Always keep a track of conversions so that you can understand which ad is giving you the maximum benefit or ROI.

  5. You don’t get Good Quality Score

    Google gives a score to the ads you run and that score is decided from different factors such as click-through rate, Landing page relevancy, Ad relevancy to the keywords and few other relevancy factors. There are more than 100 different factors that can affect your quality score but keeping your ads as relevant as possible to the keywords is the key to get a high-quality score. High Quality score leads to less expenditure on clicks and impressions and the opposite happens when you have a bad quality score. Looking out for a quality score of more than 7 will be beneficial for you.

  6. You are not linking your ad to a relevant landing page  

    Your landing page should be relevant to your ad. You should always try to provide a seamless experience to the users. If your ad is mentioning a 30% discount on the product then your landing page should also mention the same with information on how to get the discount, so the user doesn’t have to hover through your website to find the offer code to get the discount. Not linking your ad to a relevant landing page also leads to a bad quality score.

  7. You are not using a negative keywords list

    Negative keywords are keywords that you select for stoping your ads to appear on those particular keywords. A negative keyword list helps you in saving your money that you were wasting on showing your ads on irrelevant keywords. The more different match types and ads you try, the more keywords you will be able to find that should be added to your negative keywords list.

  8. You are not using extensions

    Like in SEO, snippets and FAQs get more clicks, in PPC also you can increase your CTR by using extensions in your text ads. There are a lot of extensions available like a call extension, location extension, call out extension and more. Using extensions can definitely bring a hike in the number of clicks your ad receives.

Google ads is vast in itself and it will take as much time as it is needed to acquire a new skill. People who have spent lakhs of rupees in ads also make small mistakes while optimizing and making ads, so it’s completely fine if you make mistakes as a beginner. You have to experiment with different things and have to learn from your mistakes to become an expert in google ads.

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