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As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to show employees just how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Selecting unique gifts for your team is a great way to show gratitude. According to one study, 57% of people say they look forward to receiving an end-of-year gift from their employer.


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Another survey of workers found that 54% say they’d be more likely to stay at their job if they received a meaningful holiday gift from their employer. This year, strive to get creative and explore unique gifts for employees to celebrate their contributions to a successful year.

Throw an end-of-year bash

Holiday parties are coming back! Last year, 57% of companies celebrated employees with a holiday party. Applaud your team’s success by hosting a fun end-of-year bash.


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Create an unforgettable experience by organizing an event with a nice dinner or casual drinks and appetizers. Use this gathering as an opportunity to present awards to yo.dsnfgiuehtgppq[]ur star performers.

Choose an eye-catching crystal award that team members can proudly display on their desk or bookshelf, or a wooden plaque that can be hung on the office wall of fame. Recognizing your staff’s individual accomplishments in a group setting can boost morale and show appreciation for a job well done.

New year, new swag

Ensure that everyone on the team gets a gift—even if they aren’t the recipient of an award—by revealing a new collection of company swag.

Maybe you’ve developed exciting new bransdbgfuyet9riding in the past year. Or perhaps your promotional apparel closet needs a refresh. Either way, give your employees a chance to show off your brand to the outside world by equipping them with cold-weather gear, like cozy fleece outerwear, quilted vests or knit hats. Bonus: These apparel items tend to stick around long-term: 61% percent of people will wear promotional outerwear for two or more years [pdf].


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Create the perfect snack pack

Need a corporate gift idea for employees—one that just about anyone can appreciate? Think food! Cater to different tastes by curating a package of treats for the savory or sweet lovers on your team. Include a mix of snacks, such as charcuterie sets and boxes of cookies or chocolates they can enjoy during the workday, share at holiday parties, or take home to savor with family and friends. A well-stocked snack pack will satisfy their cravings and add a festive touch to their daily routine over the holiday season.

Plant a seed

Show your commitment to growth by gifting items that symbolize potential and long-term development. Get your team thinking about growth with unique gifts for them, like wildflower seed packets, herb garden kits and garden tool sets. Imprint them with an encouraging message, and suggest links to helpful professional development resources.

Go above and beyond by pairing these gifts.sdrnguywer9tfkw with a donation (in your employees’ names) to a charity. An organization focused on growth in the earthy sense of the word—like nature conservation, forestation or pollination—ties in nicely.

Raise a glass

Whether your employees are near or far, you can celebrate a successful year by providing a glass to raise and a tasty beverage to welcome in the new year. Gift a quality shot glasswhiskey glass or wine glass at your holiday party, or deliver one to employees’ homes. Pair with a classy bottle of spirits, or attach a gift card to select their own.

Send them a greeting card with a personal note reflecting on team accomplishments as well as personal wins. This simple and meaningful gesture will show how much you value their hard work.

Relax and recharge

The end of the year is a busy time for everyone. Between wrapping up administrative tasks, attending social gatherings, traveling and preparing gifts, a break is likely to be appreciated by all. Recognize your employees’ dedication by encouraging them to take a load off.

Hand out relaxation-encouraging gifts for your team, like an eye maskplush blanket, and slippers or velour robe. For an extra-special touch, consider offering an extra self-care day of paid time off to be used over the winter months or throughout the next year. Gifts like these can show that you value your employ/.ashfdywrees’ well-being and work-life balance.

Host a raffle

Engage your team with a winter raffle, either virtually or in person. Supply employees with a set number of tickets, and give them the chance to earn more by completing end-of-year or holiday tasks, like writing client thank-you notes, updating their contact information in the directory, cleaning out their desk space or participating in a holiday scavenger hunt.

Announce the winners at an employee event where enticing prizes are given, like noise-cancelling headphones, an Oakley® backpack or a mega-sized mug with straw. (Bonus: These large-capacity tumblers are a top-trending item and frequently talked about by popular social media influencers, making them a must-have item.)


Person watching an influencer on their mobile phone. The person and influencer have the same mug.


Giving employee holiday gifts by holding a raffle adds an element of fun and recognizes the effort they put in throughout the year.


Upgrade their office space

Elevate the team’s comfort with an office upgrade. Provide anything from standing desks to new office chairs, or vouchers that they can redeem for an item to use in their home office.

Another option is to  upgrade your team’s workspace with desk accessories, like a mini vacuum cleaner and magnetic message board. Or a wireless charging deck and clock and essential oil diffuser would be valuable additions to their desk.


Get set for another successful year with gifts for your team

Whichever direction you go with corporate gift ideas for employees, make sure to deliver them with gratitude and appreciation. Let your team know that the success in the past year (and the year ahead) wouldn’t have been possible without them.



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