Cloud Solutions for Construction Businesses

In all honesty, property development businesses and construction companies have not been quick when it comes to adoption and utilization of top-notch technology. These companies still utilize stacks and stacks of paperwork, and numerous computers and files, to get the job done. This isn’t good practice.

This unfortunately leads to a lot of miscommunication, problematic (and failed) projects, and irate clientele. What would this further result in? Problems in dispute avoidance which no legal or construction claims professional could solve easily. Needless to say, the construction and real estate development businesses are difficult business sectors.

But, for both of them, nothing has to be this way. How and why? Simple: a cloud based software solution suited to both industries can solve the problems they face.

Cloud based project management software for construction and real estate businesses – what is it?

Cloud-based project management software allows businesses across various industries to work from anywhere and anytime, with the proper devices and flawless internet access. Once access to cloud has been obtained, general contractors in construction of real estate projects can do the following seamlessly:

  • Coordinating and planning.
  • Collaboration.
  • Monitoring progress of projects.
  • Seamless communication.
  • Sharing images and documents.
  • Delivering paperwork.
  • Delivering finalized projects.

In what ways did construction companies work before Cloud solutions were adopted?

Construction and real estate industries are slow when it comes to adoption of technology. A lot of them still rely on spreadsheets, pen, paper, utilizing multiple old computers, numerous sources of files and a truck load of paperwork. These industries were also hesitant in adopting mobile friendly technology, despite its availability.

The consequence of such an attitude has led these industries face the following:

  • They became unorganized.
  • They’ve been dealing with a truckload of paperwork.
  • A lot of computers and files.
  • Mishaps in projects.
  • Miscommunication in many places.

Also, all of these issues have also contributed to the following:

  • A lot more money forcibly spent on fixing mistakes in the same project.
  • Extended and missed deadlines.
  • Irate clientele and lost business.

This is the reason why construction and real estate development companies need to become technology centered.

Key benefits of utilizing cloud-based software solutions for construction and real estate businesses

A cloud-based software solution aimed at construction management allowing construction and real estate companies to operate smoothly and efficiently. Through elimination of mounds of paperwork, manual workflows and communication problems, such software solutions can help these companies advance in the right direction. Let us now explore their key benefits of such a software solution:

Amplified accessibility

Professionals who can access the cloud can access anything. They can access document management, daily field reports, schedules, submissions and the like. This allows them to save time for documents, information, images and the needed files. Professionals can check on project statuses, review plans, change orders of projects and the like.

Project managers, contractors, owners and other professionals can access the needed information with ease whenever they wish to. This allows for more productivity and a much larger work-life balance. The accessibility of all needed information is hence important and valuable to the industries’ success.

Manual updates no longer needed

Cloud-based software solutions do not require users to open any applications for manual updates. These solutions update automatically once newer versions are available. Due to this, the software always works nicely and is always working in its best state. This reduces bugs and issues within the software.

It is a time saving process as manual updates are time consuming. It also helps in averting glitches and other issues in the software.

Provision of real time information

Each users works with the software whether or not they send images, send documents, communicate with team members, or are updating other project information or timelines. The software continues to update them with real time information.

This feature indicates that users can receive notifications, thus reducing the chances of any key information too good to be missed.

Such software does not involve paper

Another major flaw in the construction industry is that it has been operating with a vast amount of paperwork. Lack of proper software was compounded by legacy systems, old fashioned software, multiple computers and spreadsheets.

Regardless of whether or not data went through multiple people, there were piles of files on desks, job sites having a large mess, and a lot of paperwork the industry required was a lot to keep up with. It was problematic.

Documents, architectural drawings, other drawings, images, the needed contracts, project documents and project plans were among the paperwork needed. They were needed to get the project up and running. They also could get lost because of running in different hands. This is why cloud based software is key to help the projects run seamlessly.


Cloud based software solutions for construction and real estate businesses are the best thing to happen. A quantum expert based in Dubai agrees with all these findings because the industry not only is now modernizing itself but also is heping real estate become much better too.

These projects were in dire need of drastic improvements and this is the reason these two industries are now performing better after the COVID-19 pandemic. Cloud is the present and will improve in the future. Businesses and companies will also improve in the future with the help of cloud and other computing technologies with ease.

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