Custom Noodle Boxes & Different Popular Brands in the Market

Noodles are a very popular food, with some surveys showing that as much as 70% to 80% of the global population like them. These are little meals that can be eaten before, during, or after the main meal. Noodles seem to be a favorite among young eaters. Noodles come in a variety of delicious flavors that can be prepared quickly and simply at home. These are now available from a number of multiple companies. As per a number of recent surveys, noodles are considered the favorite of almost 900 crore individuals throughout the world. Noodles may be stored safely in their raw state in specially designed boxes by a number of different manufacturers, and then cooked as needed. The packaging of noodles must be rigid and robust which keeps them fresh and preserved for a longer period of time. Such custom noodle boxes not only keep noodles safe from contamination but also make them convenient to transport. Here are some well-known companies that target a diverse variety of consumers:


All over the world, individuals of every age group agree that Maggi is the best instant noodle brand. Also, young adults who live in hostels and don’t have access to great restaurants, love Maggi. Preparing Maggi is quite easy. Anyone can become a master chef using Maggi, and the best part is that you can customize the flavor with your favorite spices. Maggi noodles usually come in distinctive packaging. Customers like to have Maggi because of the accurate wrapping of fresh noodles. These noodles come in specially designed custom noodle boxes with excellent packaging designs.


Knorr invented soupy noodles for the first time and they got famous around the whole world. People usually like to eat such noodles along with the perfect soup that adds more delicacy to the food. There are a number of noodle types that are introduced by Knorr that come in different packaging. A bowl of Knorr noodles is the perfect food since it evokes both soup and noodles at once. Many people enjoy the soupy Knorr noodles for their unique flavor and texture. Knorr has distinctive packaging for noodles. These come in perfectly designed custom noodle boxes that can also be use to make instant noodles readily in the oven to satisfy your cravings.


Horlicks noodles are a global phenomenon, although they are especially well-liked in Asia. If you are looking for a change from your typical noodle fare, you must not miss the chance. These noodles are not like any others you have had before. Fans of the noodle dish consume them for their energizing effects, but their dietary healthiness is also a major factor in their widespread appeal. It has been seen that most children of a young age like noodles from Horlicks. The taste and flavor of such snacks are much more appealing to customers. The noodles from Horlicks are actually the Foodles that have their own distinctive taste and flavor.

Sun Feast Yippee

When Maggi was ban, consumers switched to Yippee!, which had already been on the market for a time. Despite being a relatively new product, this particular kind of instant noodle brand has quickly gained widespread fame for being among the best available. Noodle fans at the time were open to trying out new brands, and firms like Sun feast Yippee! drew their interest as alternatives to Maggi. Customers may choose from a menu of noodle tastes including Magic Masala, Classic Masala, and more.

Nong Shim Shin Ramyun

Shin Ramyun Black was release by Nong Shim 20 years after the original Shin Ramyun. This is an instant noodle that is made with a mixture of different flavors added in epic proportions.  This is a combination of a massive block of noodles, a vegetable package that also comprises freeze-dried meat, and red hot spice. These also consist of onion and oxtail soup packets that increase the flavor and taste of noodles. To round up the meal, add an egg, some fresh cabbage, and a thin piece of American cheese. All these additional toppings would increase the deliciousness of the noodles. You will surely enjoy the moment to satisfy your hunger.


A popular Japanese meal, yakisoba is give a new spin with different recipes. To use, just fill the container with boiling water and pour the water out via the drain spout. The exciting part comes after you add the seasoning and mix. Mayonnaise comes out of one reservoir and mustard from the other of this little package. The vegetables are the best part that adds additional protein content to the meal and makes it healthy to consume. There’s nothing to add to this, so just enjoy the meal with the perfect proportions of additional ingredients. The appetizing aroma of these noodles increases the urge to satisfy your cravings.

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