How to Invest in Hotels: 6 Ways to Invest in Hospitality

Making investments in the hospitality industry is a wise choice for business owners and people. There are a variety of possibilities for diversifying your investment portfolio to make profits that last. Real estate investments in hotels include everything from creating a new concept for a hotel to re-furnishing existing hotel buildings.

There is an abundance of information investors should have before tackling this complex job. In the article below, we’ll explore whether hotels are a good investment and the best ways to invest in hotels.

Are Hotels Good Investments?

The most straightforward answer is Yes. Hotels can be an excellent source of revenue for investors. Because of their flexibility, they have plenty of opportunities to boost their earnings in areas such as the renovation process and operation. In this revenue model, there’s always the possibility for negotiation in one aspect without sacrificing revenue from another.

Deciding to invest in a recognizable hotel brand offers an increased ROI (ROI). Although these hotels may carry some chance of being a risk for investors, they experience an influx of guests that can be worth the risk. With the opening of the world, hotels around the world have seen a dramatic growth in bookings. This means that investors can expect an impressive return on investment.

Hotels can also give investors many possibilities. If the income is good, investors can incorporate value-adds into their properties. With upgraded amenities, newly renovated hotel rooms, or even new wow factors, hotel owners can enhance its value and then watch the results.

These are only one of the principal advantages of hotels as investment options. Now is the time to talk about how to put money into hotels. Learn more about the most efficient ways to invest in hotels.

How To Invest in Hotels

One could take various routes when deciding the best way to invest in hotel industry. We’ve provided a selection of the most effective alternatives below. For more information about investments, the experts at AVANA Capital can help with your questions and provide the best advice on financing.

Designing a new concept for a hotel is an arduous task and can be a challenge without the proper funding. In the end, building the new image of a hotel incurs significant costs.

Costs can comprise:

  • Construction down payment
  • The first month of operation (1-4 months)
  • The loan payment (6-9 months)
  • Overruns on projects and miscellaneous expenses

This is why you can seek the help of a hotel finance company to help you plan your project and help you get funding. When you are contacting the hotel financing firm, be aware that it could be considering the background of the management company.

Hotel Renovation

Renovating an existing property asset is safer than building a hotel as the investment is less and, consequently, less financing. This is why renovations to hotels are a popular alternative to as well commercial real estate loan firms as well as hotel investors. If you’re planning to renovate hotel real estate, There are a variety of financing options available to you.

Talking to your bank regarding a traditional bank loan is the most affordable alternative to finance. The commercial bridge loan is a loan with a shorter term which is perfect for the purchase of the property of a hotel that is in need of repair. However, even though the SBA 504 loan isn’t as prevalent in the case of a major hotel remodel, they are available when you are able to prove that the improvements will benefit the business of your hotel.

Hotel Franchise

The purchase of an established hotel franchise such as Holiday Inn, Hyatt, or Hilton is a different option for real property investors. However, buying an asset in the hotel industry from a well-known hotel chain isn’t affordable. Based on, the cost of opening and operating the Courtyard by Marriott hotel is between $7 million to $14 million. This is after the initial franchise fee of $60,000.

Alternatively, you can spend as much as $500 per room. There’s no doubt about the cash flow that comes from running a well-known hotel. This is why commercial banks are increasingly inclined to finance the hotel franchise.

Hotel Refinancing

Why do you need to look at outside real property investments when you could refinance a loan you already have? Hotel refinancing can be an asset management instrument that could result in lower rates, fewer monthly payments, and also additional funds that could be put towards the hotel’s operations. The conventional bank loans mentioned earlier, as well as the 504 SBA loans, are excellent options to refinance.

Additionally to that, there is also the SBA 7(a) loan for commercial real estate is a different option worth considering. This kind of loan is suitable for hotels with the possibility of a long-term loan ranging from $1 million and $5 million.

Hotel REITs

Hotel REITs are a great alternative for investors who want to get involved in the entire process of running a hotel. The hotel REIT permits investors to invest in the construction, acquisition, and management of hotels. This investment strategy concentrates on meeting the needs of all types of guests, from those looking for an enjoyable stay to business professionals that require space for conferences.

Hotel REITs offer guests accommodation options that aren’t found in standard hotels, like conferences, meals as well as parking that is exclusive to guests and many more. Because of this, they are an excellent choice. Hotel REITs typically offer investors high returns, which makes them a great investment choice.

Other Hotel Investments

If you’re planning to invest in the hospitality industry, There are alternatives to think about. Asset classes such as individual stocks of publicly traded hotel corporations are popular investment options. In addition, more recent strategies like crowdfunding are also hotel investments that are attractive.

There are also investments within the hotel hotels that can create to enhance operations. RevPar (revenue per room) and room rate analyses, as well as other resources which provide more visibility into operations for management teams, are worthy of consideration. No matter what method you choose to build your portfolio, acquiring important hotel real estate can be a profitable business.

Start your Journey in Hotel Investments

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