How To Store Cardboard Suitcase Box Correctly

Many of us simply discard Cardboard Suitcase Box or leave them in a basement or under a bed until we forget about them. SirePrinting has options for effectively storing your corrugated boxes.

Do you have an excess of cardboard suitcase box taking up space in your home? Join the group! Consider saving them for future use instead of throwing them out and letting them go to waste. Continue reading with SirePrinting to learn everything you need to know about storing various varieties of cardboard suitcase box, as well as recycling and repurposing them. 

Select The Best Storage Location

Many individuals believe that they can simply discard corrugated boxes or subscription boxes around and forget about them. However, that is most likely not the best option, thus SirePrinting is here to assist. Instead, while deciding where to store your extra Custom Mailers Boxes, you must examine a number of distinct aspects. Before simply putting your boxes in the basement or attic and forgetting about them

Consider The Following:

Avoid keeping your cardboard suitcase box in areas that are prone to high levels of dampness. Basements, for example, are prone to high moisture levels, which can damage your corrugated boxes and lead to mold and mildew growth. Also, keep your boxes off the ground so that potential leaks or floods do not reach them, waterlog them, and render them worthless.

Avoid keeping your cardboard suitcase box in areas where insects may congregate. If you are aware of pest problems in a particular place, avoid putting your boxes there. This is due to the possibility of insects infesting custom mailers boxes and using them as either nesting material or food. What a dreadful situation! To avoid insect infestations, keep your boxes clean and free of food residues or crumbs that could attract a variety of bugs.

Avoid keeping your cardboard suitcase box in places where there is a higher risk of fire, such as an attic. Because corrugated boxes are flammable, you must exercise extreme caution when storing them to avoid a potentially hazardous situation. Keep them away from flammable sources and large volumes of other flammable material to avoid acting as additional tinder in the event of a spark. 

Finally, make sure to keep your custom mailers boxes in a conveniently accessible position. That way, you can simply check on your boxes to ensure that they haven’t been harmed by dampness or bugs. While it may be tempting to simply put your boxes and forget about them, you must be careful about your storage and check on them on a regular basis to maintain safe and effective storage. 

Prepare Your Storage Boxes

It’s time to prepare your corrugated boxes for storage after you’ve established a safe and optimal spot for them. This is a critical stage in the process that will assist ensure that your beautifully printed boxes remain in good condition until you need to use them again. 

Don’t just toss them into a corner without first properly preparing them. Here are a few simple actions you can do to prepare your boxes for storage and make your life a lot easier when it comes time to reuse them:

Remove any paper, tape, or other packaging materials that may have become adhered to the box and would impede the storage or re-utilization procedure later on. 

Flatten the boxes based on their creases and flaps. It may take you a second to figure out how to correctly flatten the box based on its size and shape, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to dismantle the rest of your boxes in no time. 

If you’re storing a variety of different sizes of boxes, categorize them as you flatten them depending on size so you can organize and store them more efficiently. 

Once you’ve determined your various heaps or divisions, use some rope or string to tie them all together nice and tight so they stay together and you can maximize your storage space. 

If you want to be extra thorough, make a note of the size of each box with a pen and paper or even a sticky note if it isn’t already clearly specified on the material. This can come in useful later if you need a specific size box—you’ll know exactly where to look and won’t have to check each stack for the correct size. 

Finally, store the boxes upright behind anything that will keep them from falling down. You may also place them flat on top of something to save room on the floor. As previously stated, be sure that your boxes are normally out of harm’s way and in a secure position. 

Can Cardboard Suitcase Box Be Recycled?

If you don’t want to retain corrugated boxes indefinitely or don’t have the space to keep them, you might want to consider recycling them. Many people are unsure how to recycle custom mailers boxes, but with the appropriate tips and tactics, the process is actually extremely straightforward and profitable. In reality, the recycling procedure is very similar to the storage process—so if you don’t need to use your boxes again in the near future, you might as well recycle them and save some room. 

Here’s A Quick Guide On Recycling Corrugated Boxes:

Remove all items from the boxes, including plastic, tapes, and packaging labels. 

Flatten the boxes entirely using the pre-existing folds and creases to create a flat rectangular piece of corrugated. 

Depending on the size and form of the box, you may need to cut different areas of it to produce flat pieces. When doing this, make careful you use a box cutter safely.

Examine the now-flat corrugated pieces for locations that have come into touch with liquids. 

To Ensure Effective Recycling, Use The Boxcutter To Remove Impacted Sections

Depending on how much corrugated you have to recycle and where you live, you may be able to just leave them outside your house on recycling day. Check the weather forecast first, as rain will destroy the boxes and render them useless for recycling. If you don’t have a scheduled recycling day, you should be able to schedule a pickup with your local recycling facility or simply bring them to a recycling spot yourself. 

How To Recycle Custom Mailers Boxes

Corrugated boxes are simple to store, but we often save them only to never use them again! This does not have to be the case, as there are various inventive methods to repurpose your cardboard suitcase box so that they serve a purpose rather than merely taking up space.

If you’ve been holding your boxes for at least six months to a year with no firm plans for future usage, consider.

These Suggestions For Reusing Custom Mailers Boxes:

Shoe rack made of corrugated cardboard: Nothing is worse than having a jumble of shoes in your foyer, yet purchasing a shoe rack from a store can be costly. That being said, you can turn your old boxes into a functional shoe rack by cutting them into equal sizes, folding them into triangular forms, and then attaching them together to create a geometric and effective shoe storage solution. 

Regifting: With the holidays approaching, those old corrugated boxes in storage may come in helpful! Instead of spending a fortune on packing or wrapping at the store, you could simply use your own box inventory! Simply measure the size of the gift to be wrapped, choose an appropriate-sized box, and wrap away. To keep things exciting when the receiver is unwrapping the gift, the reused box should depict something very different from the actual gift inside. 

Home storage: If you want to change your home before spring cleaning, consider repurposing old custom mailers boxes for creative storage! Instead of accumulating clutter, use your boxes to organize and store items ranging from children’s toys to pet supplies to cleaning materials, and everything in between! The boxes that used to take up space in your garage now serve an important duty in keeping your home clean and organized. 

The Summary

As you can see, storing your old corrugated boxes isn’t difficult. If you decide you no longer want them taking up storage space, you can either recycle or repurpose them. 

If you need any additional information regarding corrugated boxes, you can always contact the specialists at SirePrinting, who can answer all of your queries and some you didn’t even think about.

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