MMS vs SMS Messaging. What’s the difference?

Messaging has become a part of every individual. Wherever people go messaging is an easy option to communicate with each other. Whether they are smartphone users or non-smartphone users sending or receiving texts is a simple way of communicating personally.  There are two types of messaging formats: SMS and MMS. Many people don’t know the difference between these two terms as both terms are used for messaging purposes only but there is a slight difference between them.  Let us know the differences and their definitions.

SMS Messaging:

SMS stands for short messaging service. This is a text message and was introduced in the year 1980 and is the oldest method which is running successfully till today. This is the widely used method to communicate and the most used method by businesses. SMS contains only text of 160 characters.

MMS messaging:

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service. The main difference between SMS and MMS is that MMS contains a picture with text. Here one can sense and receive multimedia such as pictures, gifs, audio and video clips, etc. MMS contains text of 1600 characters which is quite a big advantage compared to SMS.

Let us look into the differences in detail. 

  • MMS cost is more compared to SMS because MMS is of sending multimedia which involves more usage of the internet. Whereas SMS doesn’t involve any usage of the internet as it can be sent with only the call balance. The message delivery of MMS takes time as it requires the internet compared to SMS.
  • SMS and MMS both are the best ways to personally interact with each other or with customers. In businesses customers prefer short and sweet messages and prefer messages which don’t require the internet. MMS messages are up to 1600 characters and take time to deliver. Through SMS short messages can be sent and they tend to reach out fast compared for MMS Messaging.
  • Marketing through messages is the most used method by businesses. Businesses always look after more profits with less amount of investment. SMS messages cost very less and it is more comfortable for the customers to communicate. MMS message costs are higher and some people don’t even know MMS exists. It is always better to communicate or use what everyone knows rather than experiment on unknown things. This leads to the growth of the business.

SMS and MMS. Comparatively SMS usage

  • The main point to be checked is device compatibility. All mobile devices are not compatible to receive both SMS and MMS messages. All mobile phones can receive SMS messages, whereas only smartphone users can receive MMS messages as it requires internet connectivity which should be of high speed only. This becomes a major problem for businesses to promote themselves or even interact. For example, considering there is a sale running and some brands use SMS messages to inform their customers about the sale, some brands use MMS messages in the thought that people attract to photos and videos. But the point to be noticed here is that some customers might not use smartphones and this will be a big issue for the business to reach out to the customers. Small things always matter. This might lead to a stop in the growth of the business.
  • Coming to the user base which is the usage percentage of SMS and MMS. Comparatively SMS usage is very large compared to MMS.

Most of the cases used by SMS are:

  • order updates
  • delivery updates
  • appointment reminders
  • authentication codes
  • surveys, polls
  • password reset

Most of the cases used by MMS are: 

  • video clips
  • audio clips
  • Marketing campaigns
  • files sharing
  • Invitations
  • new announcements
  • abandoned cart notifications

     From the above-listed cases, one can have which method should be used to communicate with the customers. For any flash sales, SMS is a very good option to choose as people look into the discount part rather than the part of the picture. Always look into it so that the matter to be conveyed is simple and understandable. Also for any marketing campaigns, automated SMS marketing can be used which is the SMS gateway to send messages in bulk which is simple, and cost-effective.

      Whenever a product is introduced brands can use MMS to send messages including the picture of the new products so that it will be easier for the customer to directly look into the message rather than looking at the website which is a quite long process. Also, welcome messages can be sent through MMS because people tend to attract to pictures, and ideas and this might lead to having more customers as they might think the company is into more creative stuff.

       Whether it’s MMS and SMS, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It is the business to look into the more profitable side and should take it up.

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