Nomad Lifestyle: Best countries for entrepreneurs & nomads to live

Do you often find yourself seeking new experiences at unfamiliar places? If yes, then the list we have gathered to help nomads and entrepreneurs at finding the perfect spot for their adventures and career growths. So, let’s discuss Nomad Life and best countries for entrepreneurs & nomads to live in. This list will help you gain insight as well as become aware of the vastness of opportunities awaiting.

Considering how addictive it is to break free from the shackles of the system, we understand how one wouldn’t want to shift back to their previous states. However, it is also important to earn and make a living in today’s world. Irrespective of your profession or your needs, you do not need to confine yourself anymore. Here are a few places that are going to inspire you to keep on moving ahead and experience all that lies beyond.

Best countries for entrepreneurs & nomads to live


Thailand is a common destination for most. The place is well known for its beauty and rich culture. But that is not all there is to it. It is also a hotspot for digital nomads and that make it one of the best countries for entrepreneurs & nomads to live, who carry their careers and passion for traveling. There are plenty of communities located in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Koh Lanta that can easily be sought out. Not only is the place full of unique cafes and working spaces, which are accessible for public use.

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That is where most entrepreneurs and nomads come together to discuss their ventures and look for inspiration. Which also proves to be a highly effective method when it comes to enhancing one’s network and personal relations. While you work remotely you can easily access free wifi spots, that are almost everywhere around those mentioned cities. In addition to that, the place provides a comfortable living as well as cheap alternatives to move from one place to another.


In case you are looking for a place that stands out and supports your nomad lifestyle, then Vietnam might be you go to place. Not only is travel cheap there but it is a beautiful place, full of nature and experiences. The popularity of Vietnam has been on the rise, making it easier to settle at Ho Chi Minh City, even if it’s for a short period of time. You will meet a lot of welcoming people over there, the street food is amazing and who wouldn’t like to sit at a nice spot with nature all over the place and work.

But there might be a slight drawback to the place. There are certain spots that do face connectivity issues, however, they are short lives and often work fine otherwise. You can easily find yourself several different coffee spots and public spaces to sit back and relax at while you get your work done.


If you are someone who loves to stretch and is keen on yoga and organic food. Then Bali is a perfect spot for you. It is considered to be one of the best places when it comes to the connectivity of the internet, especially for entrepreneurs and those who are always on the move. The destination is quite inexpensive which makes it easier for most to settle there for as long as they wish to. The place is famous for its nature and its beautiful weather.

There’s places like Canggu and Ubud that are amazing for businesses, providing exceptional workspaces that can be sought out for getting tasks done. You can even find and connect with more digital nomads at certain spots, and venture as you like.

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Taipei is an outstanding place, it’s a 24-hour city that is always up and never really goes to sleep. And one of the reasons behind that is how amazing the internet is there. The city warmly accommodates entrepreneurs and nomads, especially since it is affordable to stay there. The living expenses are minimal.

When it comes to transportation and traveling from one place to another, it becomes easy to access different locations across Asia. This is due to the ideal location of Taiwan. And that means you can move around and continue exploring after you think you have explored Taipei enough.


Estonia was one of the first places that ensured to provide free internet access. That is due to them passing a law that states that internet access is a basic right that every human living there should have. You might have guessed. Estonia really is a nomad hub when it comes to those who wish to be on the go and work alongside. This offers them a lot of freedom and accessibility, without confining them to a specific spot.

Not just that, the country also offers a digital nomad visa that you can easily gain. Estonia has been gaining popularity over the last few years and that is due to its welcoming nature for digital nomads and entrepreneurs. With this free wifi coverage and nature around you, you can do so much over there.


Lisbon, located in Portugal is yet another amazing spot for entrepreneurs and nomads. It has an amazing internet speed, irrespective of where you are. Whether it’s a beach or a random infrastructure, you do not have much to worry about when it comes to gaining wifi access. They have amazing food there and living expenses are moderate as well.

If you are someone who belongs to Europe then your healthcare is going to be free of cost, which is always a catch for most. Therefore, this place ranks high as one of the top destinations for nomads and entrepreneurs.

To Sum It up

These places that have been mentioned above are the best countries for entrepreneurs & nomads to live in and are the highest-ranked hotspots for keen travelers and entrepreneurs. Which opens a vast array of possibilities to explore and experience. You can simply enjoy nature around you or perhaps be on the move, and yet manage your business on the side. These places ensure to provide limitless openings for all those waiting to fulfill their passions.

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