Tips to use Text messaging for Outstanding Payment Reminders

Texting has become a part of everyone’s daily activities. This is a form of communicating with people, family, and friends at any time all around the world. Texting made the life of every individual much easier. As technology started to upgrade people started to make use of the latest technology. Many businesses started upgrading with different marketing strategies with advanced technology. SMS messaging is one of the best communication channels being used by many business owners. 

In earlier days after SMS was introduced people started using it only for personal or family communication. But later on, short messaging services started serving in a useful manner. People started using the messages for business purposes, promotions, and personal interaction with customers and they even serve as helping hands for needy people. With one message the information can be passed throughout the world and benefit people in need of help.

Outstanding payment reminders 

Many businesses are using text messaging for different purposes such as advertising, customer feedback,  and service. One of the major problems faced by businesses is payment issues. Some businesses are not aware of SMS messaging being used for outstanding payment reminders. Text messaging can be used to send payment reminders to customers.

Payment reminders are sent by the company to the customer to remind them about the dues. Some of them forget about the dues and worry about them being past the due date. So text messaging is a savior for businesses to ensure that customers pay their dues on time. 

Why only text messaging is used for payment reminders? 

SMS messaging is a smart marketing tool that has various features and benefits.SMS or short service messaging has a character limit of 160 words which is short to write and attracts the audience to read them since it’s a short message. Tips to use text messaging for payment reminders: 

Scheduled payment reminders: 

Payments reminders are necessary for the company as well as for the customer. Sending these reminders increases the rate of customers and also there is a higher success rate for the company. It was known that according to some surveys, using SMS messaging strategies in health care increased customer growth. The same can be applied to paying dues also. Sending payment reminders before the dues date increases customer growth and maintains loyal customers. Always remember to not spam the customers with payment reminders rather send them only twice to make them reminded about their payment.

For example:Hello Mr.Ramu, We would like to remind you that the due date of your BSNL wifi bill is 29-6-22.Make sure to pay the bill ahead to avoid charges. Click on the above link to start your payment.

Strong payment reminders: 

Generally payment reminders are sent to remind the outstanding payments if any and clear them in time. Soft messages don’t work sometimes and the company has to follow up with the customers daily to get the task completed. But sending warning messages affects the company as the customer becomes aggressive leading to disputes between the customer and the company. Always treat the customers with utmost care and send messages strongly rather than harshly.

For example, A customer has to pay a loan and forgets to pay them due to some issues. A strong message can be sent as 

Dear Latha, we have tried to reach you about the outstanding payment that you have to pay.  We informed you but there is no response from your side. We remind you to clear the due else strict action has to be taken from our side.

Final Overdue Payment reminders: 

These are the important messages and are the cases where the situation becomes serious. At first, the company sends a soft message when there is a strong message and even then if the customer fails to respond to the messages then a final payment reminder message has to be sent to the clients. Such messages make the customer pay the amount as it might lead to taking legal action and the situation becomes helpless at that moment.

For example: Hello Ravi Kumar, We have already informed you and after several attempts of communicating with you, we are sending a final reminder that legal action has to be taken as there is no other choice. For further details, contact us.

SMS payment reminder format:

          Sending payment reminders using text messages is not an easy task as it should be written formally and has to be sent. There are certain ways to be followed when sending a reminder message. Even though there are templates available, writing content that attracts the audience is important.

Since payments are a sensitive topic so deal with them with the utmost care by making the messages sound as soft as possible.

Always include your organization or company name to let the clients know which company payment is due. Since this is to remind them, it’s better to remind them with clear content. People don’t open unknown messages.

Include details such as the due amount, due date, links, and URLs if any. Proper communication leads to a successful business and since payments are sensitive topics so it is better to communicate clearly.

Maintaining customer relationships and loyal customers are essential for any company which leads to higher sales and growth. To provide more time for the customers to clear the dues rather than sending rough messages. Sending harsh messages leads to serious issues with customers.


To make all this happen there are SMS service providers which help companies to perform their tasks easily. Certain software is required to send text messages to more people as this schedules the message to the right amount of people at the right time.

This latest technology is more convenient for both the sender and the receiver which is easy for businesses to engage with customers more efficiently. Some of the SMS gateway providers are Guni SMS, ClickSend, BulkSMS, RapidSMS, AtomicSMS, and many more.

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