Top 10 Public Relations Firms In India

Public relations (PR) plays a vital role in shaping the reputation and visibility of businesses in the competitive landscape of India. With the evolving media landscape and digital advancements, PR firms have become indispensable for effective brand communication.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 public relations firms in India. known for their excellence in strategic communications, crisis management, and media relations.


1. Saints Art:

Welcome to Saints Art PR, India’s premier PR agency that believes in the transformative power of strategic communication. With our expertise, industry knowledge, and passion for storytelling, we excel at driving brand visibility, managing reputations, and fostering lasting relationships. As a trusted partner, we consistently exceed expectations by delivering exceptional results that propel businesses forward.


2. Edelman India

Edelman India, a part of the global communications firm, has made a significant impact in the Indian market. Known for its expertise in corporate reputation management and integrated communications, Edelman India has successfully positioned itself as a leading PR agency. They combine traditional PR methods with digital strategies, influencer engagement, and social media to help brands build meaningful connections with their stakeholders.


3. Genesis BCW:

Genesis BCW, a joint venture between Genesis Burson-Marsteller and Cohn & Wolfe, is one of India’s most respected PR firms. They specialize in corporate and brand reputation management, crisis communication, and public affairs. Genesis BCW has an extensive network and a dedicated team of professionals who provide strategic counsel to clients from diverse industries, including technology, healthcare, and consumer goods.


4. Perfect Relations (100 words)

Perfect Relations is a well-established PR agency known for its expertise in reputation management and brand building. With a robust pan-India presence, they have worked with top national and international brands, delivering innovative and impactful PR campaigns. Perfect Relations excels in media relations, crisis management, and digital PR, providing clients with a holistic approach to brand communications.


5. MSL India:

MSL India, a part of MSL Group, is a leading PR firm offering a comprehensive suite of services, including corporate communications, reputation management, and employee engagement. With a strong emphasis on data-driven insights and storytelling, MSL India helps clients navigate the complex media landscape, both online and offline. They have a proven track record of delivering integrated campaigns that drive brand visibility and reputation.


6. AvianWE:

AvianWE, a strategic communication consultancy, has carved a niche in the Indian PR industry. Their expertise lies in providing strategic counsel, crisis management, and digital communication services.

AvianWE has a deep understanding of various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and education, and leverages this knowledge to deliver effective communication strategies that resonate with their clients’ target audiences.


7. Value 360 Communications:

Value 360 Communications is a leading PR agency in India, renowned for its innovative and result-oriented campaigns. They offer a wide array of services, including media relations, digital PR, and influencer marketing. Value 360 Communications has a strong focus on startups and has been instrumental in helping emerging brands gain visibility and credibility in the market. Their strategic approach and personalized attention to clients have earned them several accolades.


8. Text100:

Text100, a global communications consultancy, has established a strong presence in India with its expertise in technology-focused PR. They offer integrated communication solutions, combining traditional PR methods with digital strategies. Text100 has worked with several technology giants and startups, helping them build their brand narratives and connect with their target audiences effectively.


9. PR Pundit:

PR Pundit is a dynamic PR agency known for its creativity and innovation in the field of public relations. With a team of experienced professionals, they offer a wide range of services, including media relations.

PR Pundit has a strong track record of delivering impactful campaigns for clients across sectors, such as fashion, luxury, and lifestyle.


10. 20:20 MSL:

20:20 MSL, a part of the MSL Group, is a trusted name in the Indian PR industry. They specialize in reputation management, crisis communication, and stakeholder engagement. 20:20 MSL combines their local market expertise with global best practices to provide clients with strategic counsel and effective communication strategies. They have a diverse portfolio of clients, including leading multinational corporations and emerging startups, and have consistently delivered outstanding results.



The top 10 public relations firms in India mentioned in this article are recognized for their expertise, innovation, and ability to drive impactful campaigns. With their comprehensive range of services and deep industry knowledge. These PR firms help businesses navigate the dynamic media landscape, and build brand reputation. And foster meaningful connections with their target audiences.

Whether it’s crisis management, media relations, or digital PR, these firms have proven their mettle in delivering strategic communication solutions.

Ultimately enhancing the visibility and success of the brands they represent in the Indian market.

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