Top 5 Freelancing Platforms To Use For Earning Money Online

Whatever the explanation, the possibility of making money online is far too enticing to avoid. Just as the digital nomad lifestyle developments are growing, so are the freelancing platforms. Although plenty of places offer paid freelance work, you may or may not end up with high-paying gigs. It may not be enough to sign up for a job on a common freelance writing platform; you need to make your mark by building a beautiful portfolio. Listed below are the top 5 freelancing platforms :


This is one of the hugely successful freelancing platforms. It’s quick to start with them and register with your email address and name. To get started, Fiverr sends a verification mail which you must address. It is recommended that you take some time to visit the entire site before you start jumping at offers. Fiverr is another well-known platform for freelance services to help individuals begin freelance work.

Some say Fiverr is the #1 freelancing platform because it has a fantastic award for user interface and a satisfaction score of 98 percent. The great thing about this website, you don’t have to apply for work. Clients will get in touch with you through their gigs. Gigs are nothing more than a tweet. Only make a few gigs like you are allowed to do 7 gigs free, and you need to upgrade your plan for more gigs. The service is suitable for jobs, developers, designers like authors, programmers, marketers, etc. It was popular with freelancers because it charges starting with $5, making it much easier to search for freelance work.


Upwork provides tools to kick-start your freelance journey – collaborative space, built-in invoice creator, and a straightforward method of recruiting. You will also be able to work for several popular customers such as Microsoft, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc. Anyone looking for career flexibility can search this freelance website for sure. This platform was formerly known as Odesk, and today it serves as a great place to find various types of writing jobs. Whatever your field of interest, you’ll find a job for yourself here. You need to position your offer or payment cost for your services and mention the skill sets you possess. When you’re just starting as a freelance writer, you might find it difficult initially to make a lot of money because of the bidding system.

99 Designs:

This website reflects an exclusive designer forum. Rather than searching the portfolios and resumes, companies are crowd-sourcing their projects and setting a budget. They’re providing instructions concerning the project. Freelance designers read a brief about the project and apply their concept. The customer takes a week to select the best design and gets paid for the designer whose design is selected. It is just creating a sense of competition and helping a designer work to develop their creativity. If you’re a graphic designer or web designer, then it’s your best spot. It’s mainly focused on competitions like client posting their job brief and designers applying their designs or variations. The customer picks and rewards the right ones. It’s special, but if you’re an experienced model, you’ll have more chances of winning the contest.


Freelancer is a creative crowdsourcing platform with millions of creative assignments to show off your expertise and consumer attraction skills. There are various opportunities for working for both hourly jobs and competitions. If you’re a freelancer, then this platform can be used to bid on awesome projects like software creation, digital marketing, graphic design, and writing to name a few. You may select various freelancing jobs, such as writing, IT, programming, and design, provided you have the requisite skills. Beginners are recommended to join Freelancer because you would be able to get hold of several writing jobs, with some even asking for more than 500 posts. First, you must search for jobs that suit your skills, apply for them, and then wait to get hired. You can register through your Facebook account, too.

People Per Hour:

This is also one of the famous freelancing platforms for you if you have SEO, web project, or software development skills. This website contains a resource called WorkStream. This platform organizes all-in-one payment, communication, and management and helps optimize the business side of your work. Before you sign up for a premium plan, you are entitled to submit up to 15 proposals for work. You can find work by searching and getting new opportunities through email updates. They have some idea which is similar to Fiverr. Freelancers should post an hourly of what they are offering. As a freelancer, one can also add similar perks to Fiverr’s gigs. PPH subscription services come in various forms such as one-time payment, or monthly, individually-based and suitable.

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