7 Reasons the Quality of Essay Writing Is So Much More Important

It is the writing which makes us understand and process our thoughts clearly. It is essay writing which facilitates our communication and thinking skills more Important. To all those people who think that great writing is some kind of an in-born talent; you are wrong because writing is nothing more than a skill; a skill is Important that needs to be worked upon. Hence, everybody can achieve it with a slight dedication. There are two forms of writing; one is academic writing and the second is non-academic. If you are good at both forms of writing then it is great but if you will have to pick one then you cannot miss the academic writing because your grades are dependent upon this form of writing.

This is the reason that students buy Online Essay Writing Service USA-based platforms and from across the world to get their essays written by professionals. It is absolutely fine to take help from professionals but when you don’t have enough resources to buy this online assistance then consider focusing on the quality of essay writing more than its quantity. In the following post; the importance of quality of essay writing over quantity is going to be discussed.     

Essay Writing:

Essay writing is one such academic form of writing that students have to write from the very beginning of their academic life to the very last. Even though; the difficulty level keeps on increasing but the concept and formatting remain the same.

Students Buy Essay Online USA-based services or from other such platforms to escape from essay writing but you cannot run from it for always. So; it is better to face it and learn it than to run from it.

There are mainly four types of essay writing which are as follows:

  • Narrative essay writing.
  • Descriptive essay writing
  • Expository essay writing.
  • Argumentative essay writing.

Even though; all forms of essay writing are vital but argumentative essay writing is the most stressed one. Argumentative essay writing is considered a key educational objective and a popular activity for higher education students (Noroozia, 2018).

Reasons that Quality of Essay Writing is more important than the Quantity:

Meeting the word limit requirement is a must but you know what is even more important than that; it is the quality. Following are some of the reasons that explain why the quality of essay writing must be prioritized over the quantity:

1. Understanding of the Topic- Quality VS Quantity:

It is the quality of your content in the essay writing which determines whether you have understood the topic or not. Starting anything without proper knowledge is a big bold NO! (Tennant, 2020). No matter; if you have filled in the sheets with so much content but if it is not making the sense or is not meeting the requirement then you have failed to write a good essay.

2. The Clarity in the Content- Quality VS Quantity:

It is the quality of the content which is going to give clarity to your essay. If you have understood the assignment and comprehended the topic, then the clarity of your thoughts will be seen in the content you have written. However; if your only goal was to fill in the words then your content will be all messy with just the bombardments of multiple ideas.

3. Persuasive Skills- Quality VS Quantity:

Essays in which quality is preferred over quantity are much more persuasive. The writer can convince the reader with his quality content about his perspective. Even if the reader is not fully convinced he still gets to agree with the writer to some extent. However; when the essay is all about quantity then convincing the reader about your perspective is impossible.

4. Engaging Factor- Quality VS Quantity:

An essay with the addition of so many ideas will never be able to engage the reader in a particular piece of writing. A reader will never want to waste his time reading the limitless content with no sense or meaning. He would rather be interested in reading meaningful content even if it is of a shorter length. It is the quality of the content which engages the reader to keep the most important reading.

5. Worth a Read- Quality VS Quantity:

When a student focuses on the quantity of essay writing more than the quality then the only thing he has in mind is to meet the word limit requirement. It is because of this that he loses his concentration from adding value to the content. This greed of a writer to fill in the words makes his content repetitive and boring. This is why the essays with quality are worthy of reading as compared to essays in which volume is the focal point.

6. Research Factor- Quality VS Quantity:

The essays in which a value is added to the content are more widely researched. It can be figured out from the way of writing that the student has done his research and managed to evaluate something out of it. As far as; an essay in which quantity is focused, it depicts the collection of ideas with no evaluation of the ideas at all.

7. Scores- Quality VS Quantity:

Even though; meeting the word limit plus writing quality content; both things collectively manage to give students good grades in essay writing. However; if it was to pick one then it will definitely be quality over quantity because the first thing that the instructor notices in the assignment writing is the quality of the content. The content shows the understanding of the student towards the particular topic so if the content has value in it then quantity can be compensated but it cannot be the other way Important around.


The rule of value over volume implies everywhere be it in academic writing or any materialistic item. The above-mentioned are some of the reasons why quality must be preferred over quantity.

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