A Brief History of Online Education In The UK

When did online learning start? And who invented online education? The history of online education learning has been around for more than twenty years now. The Open University in Britain was one of the first universities to begin online education learning in the early 1990s. Since then, various online schools have popped up, offering flexible, affordable alternatives to high-priced private schools and clip pity-clopping buses to get children to and from school every day. To date, online distance learning has gained a lot of support, especially among people who cannot get the education they want because they do not live in areas with top-notch schools or work while they get their degrees.

Universities and colleges are no longer the only institutions offering online education. The introduction of online learning to the primary school curriculum is underway. As a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, online education is becoming increasingly important in schools today. Students and tutors who cannot attend classes at school because of the risk of disease spread have significantly benefited from it. Additionally, e-learning is spreading into new areas outside of the traditional fields.

What Is Online Education

Online learning relies on electronic support for interaction between students and teachers and the distribution of course materials via the Internet. Students can take classes online, either face-to-face with a tutor in real-time or via recorded education materials. 

Using online learning to study is an excellent way to improve student performance. There are many benefits to online learning. It has grown significantly in recent years. When students cannot attend face-to-face classes, they can take online classes. The same quality of education can be obtained from home via online courses. A wide variety of purposes can be achieved by online education. In addition to offering new opportunities for traditional learning, online education can serve as a recognised model of education. The accessibility and convenience associated with online learning are attractive to students.

3 Best Online Learning Platform

Here are the top 3 best online learning platforms in the UK

1- Adnan Khan Tutoring

Adnan Khan Tutoring uses a Hi-Tech learning method in the UK to provide quality online tutoring services. The company has been providing quality tutoring for more than 20 years. The company understands exactly what a student needs to excel academically. They have delivered excellent results with their online tuition in High Wycombe, and they tend to enhance their online education. The latest technology and teaching methods offer an innovative and high-tech online tutoring service.

Adnan Khan Tutoring provides services across the UK, covering all towns and cities, including online tuition Chesham with experienced tutors. Advanced methods were used to improve the quality of online tutoring. Members trust their tutoring and recommend it. Their online tutoring includes live one-on-one and group classes from Years 1 to 11 and preparation for SATs, 11 Pluses, and GCSE exams.

2- Kumon

With Kumon, the UK’s largest provider of supplementary education, any child of any ability can succeed, regardless of their ability. The school aims to turn every child into an independent, advanced learner who is enthusiastic about learning. Kumon’s Method of Learning enables students to learn independently while receiving guidance from an Instructor, allowing them to take the initiative to reach their learning goals. The history of their online education is filled with amazing results. 

As a math teacher and a parent, Toru Kumon founded the Kumon Institute of Education in Japan in 1958. To help his son Takeshi improve his math abilities, he created the Kumon Maths Programme. In addition to Math and English skills, their programmes are continually evolving to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Toru Kumon’s founding principles still guide Kumon; to encourage as many children as possible to excel academically. They can help create a lifelong interest in learning in your child.

3- Kip McGrath

In 1976, NSW Australia opened its first Kip McGrath Education Centre. Since Kip and Dug McGrath founded that first tutoring centre, it has grown into one of the world’s largest franchises. They currently have more than 560 centres worldwide. For nearly 40 years, they have improved the literacy and numeracy skills of hundreds of thousands of children.

With the help of Kip McGrath Education Centres, schools can ensure that their students have the facilities they need to succeed. It’s essential to have an excellent education to be successful in life. Kip McGrath Education Centres help by providing high-quality facilities that directly impact their students’ learning capabilities.

Recent Evolution Of Online Learning

The history of online education is significantly beyond a decade. In the early days, the primary purpose of online education was to provide a high standard of education to workforces and stay-at- home parents who have to study remotely. The importance of online education is essential for future learners. More and more people are taking advantage of online educational facilities.

Teaching Personalised: E-learning solutions allow students to take their education online to the next level. Schools are also becoming more technologically sophisticated with digital classrooms. In addition to using this new knowledge in the school, they apply it at home to improve their students’ learning environment.

Technology Advancement: Technological advancements have made distance learning much more accessible due to technological advances. Thus, schools have needed to develop or expedite online education plans so that tutors and students can access computers with the newest technology as soon as possible. Software tools and platforms for online education exist. However, they need further development to make them easier to use and understand. 


The UK is a hotbed for online education. In fact, according to Open University, there has been a significant increase in the number of people signing up for online courses over the past three years. Whether it’s for professional development or to get a degree, online learning is a big deal in the UK. Thanks for reading! I hope you find interesting our post about the history of online education in the UK.

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