Free Research Ideas for Master’s and bachelor’s students

Are you aware of the statement, “Nothing comes for free”? Well! It does not apply to this case because this post is intended to help the students without charging them any cost. The struggles that students go through to meet the needs of their academic projects are quite prominent.  Students look for Research Paper Help and assignment writing services but everything comes with a price. The professional writers’ cost charges and the content-generating tools are not up to the mark. In such case scenarios, the posts like this one can assist students the best.

Take notes on how to do research work:

What is one thing in common between bachelor’s and master’s students? Yes, you have guessed it right. It is their anxiety of having to complete their research projects. Writing is originating and creating a unique verbal construct that is graphically recorded (Emig, 2020) Students are introduced to research works in their bachelor’s program and the process continues till the end of their master’s degree. But, students have found their rescue from these writing projects by buying professional help in the form of Resume Writing Service, research paper help, and so on. 

It is okay to ease the load by taking professional help but at the same time, students must also be aware of the basics of these writing projects. Academic research work is basically all about doing research on a given topic.  It is the creation of new methodologies by using the earlier concepts or by coming up with a new concept from the scratch by conducting thorough research. The following few tips will help the students in writing research work;

  • Choose a suitable topic for the research work according to your major.
  • Consult your supervisor about the topic.
  • Start gathering the data from different resources.
  • Attend seminars and lectures with related topics in discussions.
  • Start writing the research paper according to the structure and the requirements, given by the faculty. 
  • Be prepared for the oral defense of your research work. 

Free research ideas for master’s and bachelor’s students:

Writing a well-researched assignment on any subject is as hard as digging a well. Despite of being a difficult task it is interesting too (bestassignmentwriters, 2021). The main problem where students get stuck is in the selection of the topic. The topic or the research idea must be chosen on the basis of the following qualities;

  • It must be exclusive.
  • It must be extensive enough that you will be able to gather data for your project.
  • It must be appealing and relevant.
  • It must be clear and precise. 

The following are some of the free research ideas for bachelor’s and master’s students in different majors so they can choose the topic according to their preference for their research work;

  • For nursing students:

  1. Impact of antibiotics on children’s immunity system.
  2. Addressing the psychological issues in children because of physical illness.
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases in children.
  4. The analysis of balanced diet and cost.
  5. The causes of depression in students.
  6. Effective strategies to maintain emotional health in nurses.
  7. Mother-child bond during postnatal care.
  8. Treatment of mental disorders in a non-chemical way.  
  9. Prevention of falls and injuries in elderly people.
  10. Sleep disorders in women and their solution. 
  • For marketing students:

  1. Traditional marketing plus modern marketing, a perfect combo.
  2. The impact of social media on buying choices of people.
  3. The attributes that consumers look for while buying products.
  4. The role of language targeting in ethnic advertising.
  5. In-depth analysis f political marketing in different countries. 
  6. The relationship between brand awareness and repeat purchases.
  7. Main components of brand loyalty.
  8. Which is more suitable for Gen Z; aggressive vs. discrete marketing?
  9. How to promote the brand globally?
  10. Most important factors that contribute to switching loyal customers to another brand.
  • For law students:

  1. How incorporation of laws has shaped society?
  2. What rights do minorities have in the USA?
  3. How do people break the law without even realizing it?
  4. The limitations of confidential informants.
  5. How to encourage witnesses to step forward?
  6. Different types of crimes and their punishments.
  7. Challenges faced by the offices from uneducated and educated people.
  8. What are the laws and punishments for digital piracy?
  9. Is it legal to buy and sell the organs of the body?
  10. When citizens can use international laws?
  • For English literature students:

  1. How literature played role in supporting feminism?
  2. Is fan fiction a kind of independent literature?
  3. How are madness and psychology reflected in literature?
  4. How Sherlock Holmes is different in books and in series?
  5. How the topics of modernism and classicism are discussed by various authors?
  6. Literature and its constant hints towards history.
  7. The main attributes of post-modern prose.
  8. What are the constantly used themes in Shakespeare’s sonnets and the meaning behind them?
  9. Why did “The fault in our stars” manage to do justice to the storyline but the “Harry Potter” series failed to do so?
  10. The depiction of female beauty in renaissance vs. modern literature.
  • For architecture students:

  1. How climate control is done in buildings?
  2. Bridge designing and construction.
  3. Trends of environmental technology in residential buildings.
  4. Evaluation design in municipal structures.
  5. Slum redevelopment and the need to do it.
  6. Urban infrastructure and its landscapes.
  7. Advanced biomedical signal processing.
  8. Steps to improve the infrastructure of buildings to prevent natural disasters.
  9. Developing commercial projects for the internet of things.
  10. Creative designs for modern times. 


Do you know what is more difficult than writing research paperwork for bachelor’s and master’s students? Well! It is the topic selection for them. This is why research work ideas for different majors have been provided in the above-mentioned post to assist students with their topic selection.


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