How IB Schools Prepare Your Kid For Future Competition

Parents are often confused about the school to which their children should be admitted. The first years of a child’s development are crucial for his future. Parents know this. Every parent wants their child to have a solid educational foundation. This article will explain How IB Schools Prepare your Kid for Future Competition. IB provides Ib tutors online in many different countries such as Ib tutors online in Switzerland,  Ib tutors online in USA,  Ib tutors online in India, Etc.

Parents have a variety of educational boards available to them, including ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), and IB Board. IB stands for International Baccalaureate, which gives your child the exposure necessary in the current and growing competition in the world.

Why Choose an IB Board for your Child?

International Baccalaureate has many reasons to be the best choice. Below are some of these reasons:

  • Personal development- IB creates a safe environment for students and provides the best knowledge and skills to help them build a bright future. They believe in sharing both practical and textual knowledge.
  • Global Reach- All universities recognize this program. They get to meet students from other areas and have the opportunity to build their confidence.
  • Bright future- IB strives to provide students with opportunities and knowledge that will help them achieve their goals. The IB curriculum can be accepted by many colleges.
  • International curriculum- The IB curriculum’s main focus is to provide knowledge from all ends. These schools are able to strike a balance between academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Universal education- IB schools offer a broad range of subjects, which can help students get better job prospects in the future. IB’s primary goal is to give students the best knowledge and skills and to encourage good study habits. IB assists students with time management.
  • Good extracurricular activities- The IB emphasizes balancing academics and extracurricular activities. These activities include games, crafts, horse riding, swimming and other arts. Teachers try to help students develop these skills and offer a pathway to follow their interests.

These are just a few reasons parents should consider IB for their children.

IB Board Vs ICSE Board Differences

IB is an International Baccalaureate. This board offers students worldwide education that helps them gain practical knowledge. The primary focus of this board is to develop the student’s personality, communication skills and sports abilities. The exam is administered by CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination), which also conducts similar exams to CBSE for Class 10th-12th. ICSE for Class 10th, and ISC (Indian School Certificate for Class 12th).

Key Differences

  • Approach of Learning

The IB board is student-centered and focuses on knowledge-based learning. The students are allowed to explore and excel in their chosen field. ICSE focuses more on high-quality education using a practical approach. They offer a wide range of subjects and a particular focus on English.

  • Exposure

ICSE’s primary focus is on student development with a strong emphasis on practical knowledge. Students who want to study abroad will find it helpful as all instructions can be found in English. The IB board is widely recognized and well-informed.

  • Major Exams

The ICSE board has three major exams: ISC for Class 10th, ISC in Class 12th, Certificate in Vocational education, and Certificate of Vocational Education. Also the IB major exams include PYP (Primary years program), KG to 5, MYP (Middle year program) Class 6th through 10th, and DYP for Diploma years program (11th and 12th).

IB School Curriculum

These are the three programs offered by IB:

  • Primary Years Programme (PYP)
  • Middle Years Programme (MYP)
  • Diploma Years Programme (DYP)


Primary year programmes are student-centered and designed for children aged 3-12 years. The primary focus is on the child’s overall development. The PYP equips students with skills and Opportunities that will allow them to make a difference in society. Below are some reasons why the IB Primary Years Programme for your wards is so important:

  • It encourages students to ask questions.
  • Finding the solution requires thinking about the problem.
  • Responsible citizens.
  • Confident Communicators.
  • Good understanding.
  • Start learning.


PYP has laid the foundation for secondary year programming. It is student-centered. Students in MYP study 8 subjects, with a minimum of 50% per subject. Students must learn at least two languages in order to understand their culture. MYP strives to develop skills in a variety of fields, such as presentation, application, research, and presentation. Each student is given the best attention to ensure their development.

Features of MYP:

  • Global context – This context is created in such a way as to bring together different cultures.
  • Teaching Approach – Teachers help students acquire knowledge in both general and specific areas.


The two-year diploma program is offered. The Diploma Programme (DP) helps with a thorough assessment of student achievements. The students study all subjects in the traditional curriculum, which includes languages.

Features of DP:

  • Students are encouraged to think about the theoretical knowledge that they have gained.
  • Services and creative activities
  • Students must choose a topic and conduct research to find out more. Then, they will write an extended essay writing service of 1400 words.

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