How to prepare for the NDA exam from class 11?

NDA exam The issue of selecting the best professional option for them begins in class eleven with the presentation of numerous career options. Making a professional choice in class eleven affects students’ prospects and the courses they will take over the next two years. We’ll focus on a career in defence services in this post. 

Yes, you can begin preparing for the NDA in class 11 if you’re interested in joining the Indian Armed Forces and desire a fulfilling career. Students can prepare for the NDA entrance exam as soon as they finish their 10th-grade exams, even though they must have completed their 12th-grade to appear for it. 

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Important Information for Class 11 NDA Preparation

Ways to NDA exam preparation


Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information for Class 11 NDA Preparation

Although selecting a stream in class 11 may seem difficult. It is simple to do if you know your alternatives and consider all pertinent variables. Therefore, the NDA is your only option if you’re determined to join the military after graduating high school. Now let’s look at how you can start getting ready for the National Defense Academy as early as class eleven.

After completing the class 10th exam, you can start studying for the NDA exam in class 11. But you must be completely familiar with the NDA exam’s entire syllabus.

By solidifying the NDA syllabus, you can create a successful strategy for mastering key ideas and simultaneously preparing for school exams and the NDA exam.

Most of the questions in the NDA exam are taken from the NCERT books for grades 11 and 12. Most subjects are common and covered in the school curriculum and the NDA exam.

You must choose the right study materials and go over the previous year’s questions to get a sense of the questions that will be asked to prepare for essential topics of the NDA syllabus.

The greatest strategy to increase your score may be to thoroughly prepare for current affairs and everyday occurrences, given how important current events are to every defence examination.

Physics Wallah knows how difficult it is to pass the NDA exam because it is so competitive. Students will need additional support to prepare for the NDA starting in class 11. A few factors to consider while joining the Indian Armed Forces at a young age. 

The best course of action is to enroll in the top NDA Foundation coaching, which can assist you in completing both your schoolwork and the NDA exam at once. Let’s look at how you can realize your dream of attending the National Defense Academy by selecting the top NDA coaching starting in class 11.

Ways to NDA exam preparation

  • Basics: Learn and comprehend the concepts such as format and syllabus. In this manner, you will be aware of the question you are answering. You can check the format by looking at the question paper from the previous year; this will help you determine how and what to prepare. Consider the pattern they exhibit as you analyze the question.
  • Make a list of the key themes for the 11th standard after you have a handle on the format and syllabus. Make a list of the subjects and topics you may need to practice more to understand fully.
  • Collect quality study materials: Your study materials will significantly impact your ability to learn and prepare, so be sure to buy or collect the appropriate materials. The best NDA Foundation course by physics wallah will give you high-quality preparation materials if you plan to start coaching on the 11th. It will assist you in starting your preparation off on the right foot.
  • Make the proper schedule: Juggling school exams and NDA preparation at the same time might be challenging. Do not overwork yourself; instead, give yourself some time to unwind. Create a schedule that balances all of these factors. Make sure your schedule is flexible before starting school, studying for the NDA, and taking some time off. It is best to prepare by your needs and preferred learning methods since every student has a unique schedule and way of instruction. But that doesn’t imply that you’ll start being forgiving.


In conclusion, preparing for the NDA exam from class 11 is challenging yet rewarding. It requires dedication and hard work, but success is achievable with the right approach and resources. Studying for the NDA exam can be made simpler by following the tips outlined in this blog post:

  1. Create a detailed study plan and stick to it.
  2. Focus on your weak areas, and practice regularly.
  3. Take advantage of various online resources such as practice tests and exam guides.

Good luck with your preparation, and best of luck with the NDA exam!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an 11th grader take the NDA exam?

No, you are not qualified to take the test. Before applying for the exam, finish your 10+2. The recommended age range to qualify for NDA is 16.5 to 19.5 years. A class 12 pass is required to qualify for the National Defense Academy’s Army branch.

Does NDA utilize NCERT?

On April 10, 2022, the NDA 1 exam for 2022 was planned. Check out the NDA’s prior year’s test questions. Candidates must also review the NDA exam format to enroll in the preferred academy. Once they grasp it, they should understand the fundamental ideas from the NCERT books.

Is PCM a requirement for NDA?

You can write the NDA exam if your background is in the sciences. There are no stream limits for the army, but physics and math are required for the air force and navy.

Is attendance at NDA free?

The government will cover all training expenses, including lodging, books, clothing, boarding, and medical care. However, cadets’ parents or guardians will be responsible for covering their expenses out of pocket.

Can I pass the NDA while wearing glasses?

Candidates for the Air Force are ineligible if they frequently wear glasses. Each eye’s near vision needs to be N-5. The parameters for the vision test are as follows. Beyond this point, it is not feasible to be selected for NDA if someone has weak eyesight.

Do NDA jobs also last for four years?

The National Defence Academy, an inter-service institution, provides three years of intellectual and physical preliminary training to the chosen candidates for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Is swimming a requirement for NDA?

Cadets are not required to participate in sports, but they are encouraged to do so in at least one per term. Cadets that excel in various sports and physical activities are given proficiencies, with a Merit Card, Half Blue, Blue, and a Blazer being the highest.

How has life been since you cleared the NDA?

Both meals and lodging. Future officers are being trained. Thus they are provided with high-class amenities. Cadets are given single occupancy rooms with minimal amenities. The academy has state-of-the-art resources available for all training cadets from each of the three backgrounds ( Army, Airforce, and Navy).

Can we fail the NDA course?

Cadets who fail academically, physically, or even for disciplinary reasons or due to a protracted absence from training are demoted for six months. You must be consistent in the academy by giving your all during academic and physical testing.

Which city is renowned for the NDA test?

The NDA is situated in Khadakwasla, Maharashtra, not far from Pune. It is the world’s first tri-service academy. Additionally, there is a Naval Academy (NA) entrance in Ezhimula, Kerala. The Naval Academy is the first choice for applicants who want to join the Indian Navy as technical officers.

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