Preparation Tips for the CA Foundation Papers June 2023

CA Foundation Exam has four papers that test your knowledge of accounting, maths, economics and business laws. To better understand the demand of the exam, you need to go through the entire CA Foundation syllabus. The syllabus for CA Foundation papers is available on the official ICAI website. Moreover, you will also find the previous year’s CA Foundation Question Papers and mock test papers to help you prepare for the exam.

The CA Foundation exams of June 2023 are just 3 months away. So, follow these VSI preparation tips to excel in the exams. These tips are tried and tested and helped thousands of students in getting the best result.

Important Note* – The ICAI has released the CA Foundation June 2023 exam dates on its official website. As per the timetable, the papers will conduct from June 24 to June 30, 2023.

VSI Preparation Tips for the CA Foundation Papers

Here we will discuss the preparation tips and study plan for CA Foundation question papers by VSI Jaipur. These tips have been followed by many students who also get amazing results. So, let us go through the tips one by one.

Make a Proper Time Table or Schedule

VSI had always suggested the aspirants to prepare a study plan for CA Foundation. For this, firstly, go through the ICAI CA Foundation syllabus and allocate the days to cover each topic accordingly. During your preparation, you must strictly follow your timetable. Even your daily studying schedule should also be stable and pre-planned. VSI also makes a proper and strict schedule so that the curriculum is completed timely.

Join a Good CA Foundation Institute

For the exams like CA Foundation, guidance is something very important. VSI very well understands this thing and thus gives personalized guidance to every student. Also, clearing the CA Foundation maths papers has been difficult. Therefore, they also suggest the students join proper coaching classes that have good facilities and the past year’s results. A good coaching class will guide you and save your time and keep your basics very clear.

Make Your Own Revision Notes

Personal revision notes are the ones you can trust more and rely on every time you need to revise for the CA Foundation papers. VSI recommends students keep pointing out the important lines or points in the chapters. Making personal notes is easier to understand and revise during exam days. These notes will make your CA Foundation preparation easy and effective.

Focus on Answer Presentation

Answer presentation matters a lot in the CA Foundation Exams. If you have good answer presentation skills, the examiner will be interested in reading your answers and give more marks. This is why VSI also focuses on the answer presentation of the students and frequently conducts the mock test to check their progress and recommend accordingly. While writing the answers, the students should focus on maintaining good handwriting and adding the required graphs and stats.

At least Three Revisions before the Exams

VSI strongly recommends that the students go through three revisions before their CA Foundation papers. While going with the first round of revision, you can point out similar types of questions so that you can quickly go through them in the next revision. In the last revision, go through each of the theories of the topic and practice the questions that seemed more important.

Mock Test and Practice Questions

VSI has always believed that completing the entire syllabus alone will not help the CA Foundation aspirants. After the completion of the syllabus, solving the mock test papers are must. Students must have given at least 4 to 5 mock tests to check their progress and revise the topics they are lagging. You should also solve the previous year’s CA Foundation question papers and those in the ICAI compilers.

Take Short Breaks Between the Study

Taking small breaks between the study time is also very necessary. Students must take care of their health. VSI suggests the students take proper amounts of sleep and do not skip meals because doing so can affect the working capability of your brain. Continuously reading or studying without any breaks makes your brain tired. So, take proper naps and breaks in between but also resist indulging in distracting activities.

Why Join VSI for CA Foundation Preparation?

Join VSI for CA Foundation Preparation


VSI Jaipur offers the best classes for the CA Foundation Preparation in India. They include all the basic and necessary features that help students prepare well for the CA Foundation Papers. The facilities and studying environment offered by VSI are incomparable and unique. So, let us put light on those facilities and features that make VSI the perfect place for CA Foundation Preparation.

  • At VSI the CA Foundation course is completed within three months so that the students get enough time to revise and practice.
  • Experienced faculties at VSI follow the ABC analysis and clear all the topics as per the high weightage in the examination.
  • VSI gives the proper study notes for all four CA Foundation papers to the students that are prepared with the reference to the ICAI study material.
  • VSI takes around 6 mock tests for CA Foundation students to make them prepare for the exams. The VSI CA Foundation papers strictly adhere to the ICAI syllabus and the previous year’s questions.
  • Personalized guidance is offered to each CA Foundation student in VSI. The student’s progress is analyzed based on their mock test performance. Accordingly, a study plan for the CA Foundation exam is made for them so that they can cover all the topics properly.


These are the preparation tips for the CA Foundation papers. Moreover, VSI Jaipur has been training the students for all the CA courses and producing amazing results for more than 10 years. So, strictly follow the preparation tips and strategy mentioned above. This helps the students to prepare for the CA Foundation Exam in a better way. So, if you also aim to crack the exam on your first attempt, you can also take the guidance and preparation tips from VSI Jaipur.

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