Six Main Living Expenses For UK Students

The fast-moving world has made life difficult for people all around the world. Everyone is working hard to maintain their living standards to survive. The same is true for students, who must work hard to balance their academic and social life.

Students who work in parallel to their studies put in a lot of effort to achieve in the race of life. On the one hand, they must complete their assignments and essays while still focusing on their job responsibilities. These hardships lead them to take online help to handle their academic tasks.

Because of these difficulties, many students take online help from cheap essay writing services UK based to complete their academic assignments. Because not every student can afford to pay for expensive academic help services online. The undergraduate and postgraduate students mainly bear their expenses on their own.

The United Kingdom, home to some of the most prestigious colleges, such as Oxford and Cambridge, is a famous study abroad destination for thousands of students. Apart from its excellent academic standards, the United Kingdom attracts overseas students for various reasons (Gurbuz., 2019).

However, most international students are worried about the expense of studying in the United Kingdom. The good news is that, if properly managed, living expenses in the UK for foreign and other international students can be highly manageable.

Therefore, to help you make your expenditure smartly, this post compiled a comprehensive guide on international students’ living expenses in the United Kingdom. This post, the living cost in the UK in this, post focuses on the living expenditures in the UK for international students per month and everything related to it.

An Overview of Living Expenses in the United Kingdom for International Students

An international student’s average annual cost of living in the UK is GBP 12,000. However, it can vary depending on various aspects such as housing, student lifestyle, essential expenses, etc.

Now go through all the main aspects in detail to better understand your living expenses in the UK structure:

1-     Accommodation

Accommodation is the essential component of your living expenses in the UK, accounting for most of your expenses. Students can select between residence halls on their university campus, private apartments, shared housing, dorms, or local homestays. Residence halls are the most common type of accommodation for overseas students.

Aside from the accommodation type, the monthly cost of living in the UK may vary depending on the city where you live. For example, international students’ living expenses in London or Brighton can be expensive compared to living in cities like Aberdeen or Manchester.

2-    Food & Groceries

Food is an essential part of your monthly living expenses in the UK. Food costs can be kept to a minimum if you cook your meals rather than eating out at expensive places. Eating out frequently can significantly raise your expenditures and be costly.

Many grocery stores in the UK sell all of the elements for an oversea dish so that overseas students may prepare their meals. As a result, students’ cost of living in the UK can be effectively handled.

Many students spend too much money on food. Food takes up a significant amount of a student’s budget. Use your student discount cards at restaurants and cafes to maximize your savings (dissertationproposal, 2020).

3-    Transportation

The cost of living in the UK includes commuting within the city. These costs must be considered, especially if your apartment is far from your university. But don’t worry, many student discount cards are available for international students, making travel relatively affordable.

Furthermore, students can always use public transportation because the UK’s public transportation system is well-connected and convenient. Compared to taxis, taking the bus, train, tube, or even cycling around the city, can be a very affordable transport option for international students.

4-    Household Bills

When living in the UK, there are numerous household expenditures to consider. Electricity, water, mobile, and internet bills, and many others, are essential and must be paid on time. Most of the time, your rent includes all these expenses; however, if it does not, you must consider the cost of various bills while staying in the UK. In addition, health insurance expenses are included in the expense of living in the UK for international students.

5-    The Cost of Entertainment in the Uk

University life isn’t all about books, tests, and exams. You’ll be forming a social circle and will require money to enjoy your leisure time. As a result, entertainment is included in this guide to student living expenses in the Uk.

When studying abroad, staying in touch with family and friends is more important than ever. In addition, with the growing popularity of social media, international students must pay for a SIM card with a call and data plan, Wi-Fi, and television expenses. Look for budget packages and the most affordable mobile service providers.

6-    Miscellaneous

Finally, miscellaneous expenditure includes a variety of things like leisure activities, shopping, stationery, toiletries, household items, and any other extra expenditure like sometimes they buy services for them for any subject such as buy services for psychology essay topics to write their task Please note that miscellaneous expenditure may vary from person to person, and it depends on your lifestyle.

Hence, it would help if you plan accordingly. When trying to create a realistic budget for living in the UK, it is strongly recommended that you avoid expensive purchases and imported goods.


Managing the cost of Living in the UK is essentially all about effective planning and budgeting for students. Keeping track of your expenses and saving as much money as possible would benefit you. Living and studying in the United Kingdom is an incredible experience for international students, teaching them how to live independently, manage finances, and manage time.

You now understand the various elements that influence the living expenses of international students in the United Kingdom. However, suppose you are having problems at any stage of your study abroad procedure, such as applying for a qualified scholarship or choosing a course within your budget. In that case, you can seek support from internet resources.


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