The Telehandler, Rigging & Front End Loader Tickets Brisbane

There are various job positions that are in high demand in Brisbane. This includes rigging and telehandler and front end loader operators. Not only are these jobs in high demand so you will be able to find many vacancies, but also they are our gateway to promising and rewarding careers. In Brisbane, there are some requirements that you would need to meet in order to work in either of the aforementioned careers. First, you would need to successfully obtain the relevant work ticket. For instance, if you need to start a career in rigging in Brisbane, you need to obtain the relevant rigging ticket in Brisbane. The same applies for when starting a career in operating either telehandlers or front end loaders. Second, you need to make sure you obtain the relevant work training before starting working. In fact, this would qualify you for successfully obtaining the relevant work ticket!

A brief insight into telehandlers 

Telehandlers are basically machines that are able to carry out many different tasks as they are multi-purpose machines. The usage of telehandlers had been previously limited to the agricultural field. However, as the multi-purpose feature of telehandlers has started to become widely known, the usage of telehandlers has extended to include various fields as well. Therefore, it has become very common to use telehandlers on many different worksites including construction worksites. It has also become very common to use telehandlers to carry out many different work tasks. This includes the transmission of materials, snow removal and the cleansing of workplaces.

Becoming a Telehandler Operator

Operating telehandlers is a very simple and straightforward task if you have all the necessary skills and the adequate experience. To become a telehandler operator, you need to obtain the Telehandler Licence in Brisbane. 

The Telehandler Ticket

It is very crucial to obtain the Telehandler Ticket first before becoming a telehandler operator. This is because most, if not all, of the employers in Brisbane require that you hold a valid Telehandler Ticket in order to be shortlisted for their telehandler operator positions. Accordingly, the Telehandler Ticket will be your gateway to most of the telehandler operator positions in Brisbane. 

Front End Loaders

The front end loaders are machines that are commonly used for their two main functions. Front end loaders are able to collect and move materials. These two functions make front end loaders in high demand on several worksites, especially the construction worksites. In addition, these two functions enable front end loaders to have various different uses that you could use them for. For instance, front end loaders can pick up dirt and sand and move them across different locations. Front end loaders can also elevate worksite materials. More importantly, you can attach many different attachments to front end loaders which further widens that variety of tasks that front end loaders are capable of carrying out.

Becoming a Front End Loader Operator 

To become a front end loader operator, you need to obtain the front end loader ticket in Brisbane. Such a ticket will be your gateway to start a career in operating front end loaders. 

The Front End Loader Licence

It is very important to know that the Front End Loader Licence will be your gateway to a very promising career as a front end loader operator. This is because the Front End Loader Licence is an official certification that would make you an officially certified front end loader operator all over Australia. This way, you will be recognised on a national level. 


To start a career in rigging in Brisbane, you need to obtain the Rigging Licence first.

The Rigging Licence

When it comes to rigging, it is important to take note of the fact that there are several categories of the Rigging Licence. These include:

The Basic Rigging Licence

This is the basic category of the Basic Rigging Licence. Such a licence is especially very convenient for beginners in the rigging work field. This is because the Basic Rigging Licence enables its holders to just carry out the basic rigging work tasks. These include the erection of the structural steel and the allocation of the precast concrete members of the structure.

The Intermediate Rigging Licence

If you successfully obtain the Intermediate Rigging Licence, your rigging tasks would not be limited to the basic rigging tasks that the Basic Rigging Licence allows its holders to carry out. You will be able to carry out more rigging work tasks as well including operating rigging cranes, conveyors, dredgers and excavators and demolishing structures or plants.

The Advanced Rigging Licence

An Advanced Rigging Licence is an advanced category of the Rigging Licence. Such a licence would not just enable you to perform all the rigging tasks that the Basic and the Intermediate Rigging Licences would normally enable you to perform. It would also allow you to carry out more advanced rigging work tasks as well. These include rigging gin poles and shear legs and flying of foxes and cableways.

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