What International Students Can Do for Their Mental Well-Being?

These days, a large number of students from all over the world like to study in the nations like UK, USA, Australia, and many others. These nations and many other countries in the world have some fantastic universities, which provide world-class education to worldwide students. A major advantage of studying abroad is that students get international exposure, which proves to be beneficial for their future careers.

Students who visit abroad for three or four years need to give attention to several aspects of their well-being. Mental well-being is undoubtedly one of the essential aspects. So, this article covers this topic.

You can do a few things as an international student for your mental well-being.

Pay Attention to Your Physical Fitness

There is a direct impact of physical fitness on your mental well-being. It helps you in the reduction of negative mood, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, working for physical fitness is very good for your mental well-being.

For this purpose, some exercises can be started from your student rooms. In addition, student accommodation complexes in many cities of the world have on-site gyms. Otherwise, you can find a gym in a nearby area of your accommodation complex, in your college, and in your university. Gym workouts are also the best methods for attaining physical well-being, which further leads to mental well-being.

Some other physical workouts such as yogic postures, aerobics, etc. can also be performed.


It is a proven fact now that meditation is one of the best practices for mental well-being. Several medical practitioners also recommend meditation to improve your mental health. So, you can also meditate for the well-being of your brain.

Many types of meditational practices are prevalent today in society. Some best examples include transcendental meditation, breathing meditation, mantra meditation, music meditation, yoga meditation, Zen meditation, vipassana meditation, and more. If you don’t know how to do meditation then you can join the nearby meditation center in the city where you are enrolled or can learn from your classmates or co-residents who have knowledge about it.

There is also a simple method, which is to play some meditational music on YouTube and close your eyes. It is also a good meditation.

Stay in Proximity to Nature

Now, it is scientifically proven that staying in proximity to nature for some time is one of the best methods to attain mental well-being. It gives you a feeling of calmness. Moreover, several adversities of your mind are cleaned.

You can find a garden in your student housing complex wherefrom you can start. Besides, you may also find many nature destinations in the city where you are enrolled. These nature destinations can also be the ideal places, which can soothe your mind.

Watch Nature Scenes in Pictures and Videos

Sometimes, due to busyness, it may be difficult for you to find time for visiting nature destinations. Nature pics and videos can be watched in that case, which can give you a great feel. It positively impacts your mental well-being. These pics and videos cannot replace the experiences that you get in nature destinations but they definitely put a positive impact on your mind.

Many such pictures and videos can be found online today. Visuals of nature can be found on video-hosting websites like YouTube.

Take a Sound Sleep

Sound sleep is necessary for everyone and is not just an option. Students should take from seven to eight hours of sleep every day. It keeps their mind fresh and is good for their mental well-being.

Students are highly recommended to sleep on time at night so that their sleep of seven or eight hours could be completed before going to college in the morning.

Do Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are also one of the best methods to attain mental well-being. Deep breathing is a simple form of breathing exercise, which can be good for your brain health. Advanced exercises recommended by yoga practitioners known as “pranayamas” can also be done.

Play Sports

Sports are also the perfect exercise for mental well-being. They boost your confidence. Moreover, they are also good for your physical fitness, which is further good for your mental well-being.

Involve in Fun and Entertainment Activities

Fun and entertainment activities are also good for mental well-being. Many accommodation complexes have games rooms where you can play games like pool, foosball, and table tennis. Some more sources of fun and entertainment are swimming pools, sports, movies, etc. Some accommodation complexes comprise in-house cinemas, swimming pools, and sports courts. Sports courts and playgrounds can be found in universities/colleges also.


If you are mentally fit, you will be able to enjoy your student life to the fullest in an overseas city. It will also help you in performing well in your studies.

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