Pet Inspired Home Interior for Pet-Lovers

An excellent home interior design considers the needs and comfort of the family. This is true whether your family is composed of humans or pets.

In 2016, the National Kitchen & Bath Association revealed that pet-friendly home amenities were a rising trend. In fact, fifty percent of their designers had been asked to develop special pet spaces. And while this figure is huge, it did not surprise me at all. After all, there’s no love quite like puppy love.

Through the years, pet owners have aspired to integrate pet needs to the home interior. Hence, designers have developed smart and stylish ways to customize the space for you. The sky is the limit to pet-friendly home design ideas. Some of the most desired features are pet showers, toy storage, and built-in food stations.

Today, we are listing down pet-inspired accessories, decors, and features that will add spice to a pet lover’s home interior.

  1. Balloon Pet Sculpture


Artist Jeff Koons made balloon animal sculptures a thing. His balloons are among the most iconic works of modern art. Today, cute metallic pet figurines can reach your home as elegant decorative pieces.

It can easily grace the space when placed on the TV sideboard, coffee table, or the living room shelf. The statuette comes in various colors, so it can easily blend with every home interior.

  1. Sturdy Cat Perch

Cat shelf

Cats love climbing and roaming around. They also enjoy staying in high places like the top of the bookshelf. Further, they like getting a full view of the room. That way, they can observe the activities below. Your feline friend has the instinct to spot potential danger. Hence, an area up top will nurture this natural ability.

Show your love for kitty through a vertical space like a cat tree or wall perch. A vertical space gives them the freedom to do the activities they need and enjoy. It also encourages productive play and exercise. Further, it is a clever way to make the most of the unused space in the house.

Wall perches come in different styles and materials. Hence, it can easily fit your overall interior.

  1. Ceramic Pet Planter

Cake Plate Collection

Are you a plant and an animal lover in one? You can bring nature indoors through a ceramic dog pot. You can use this to display your favorite lily on the windowsill, adding uniqueness to the room. Voila! Watch your vivid flowers bloom from the back of this good boy.

  1. Cat-themed Poster

Cat in vintage style

A hanging decorative piece is a great way to beautify a space. Get rid of the blank walls and personalize your room through a pet-themed poster. You can opt for bold and vivid colors that exude a strong character or match a chic minimalist interior through a vintage black and white poster.

You can find unique cat or dog posters on novelty and specialty shops. Or, you can order a custom-made poster online.

  1. Pet Portrait

diy-dog-canvas-art-thumbnail copy

Aside from posters, you can also channel your pet love through paintings. A portrait of your pet will add a charming accent to the home. Don’t forget to stick it to a fancy frame so that it pops against the wall.

If you’re quite the artist yourself, you can paint your fur baby in hues that match your home’s aesthetic. If not, the internet is your companion to booking the most talented animal portrait artist.

  1. Under-Stair Bed


Although pets love being around their “hoomans,” they need quality time alone, too. Pet experts say that indoor animals need time to recuperate from all the household activities and interactions.  So, while you can place pet furniture beside your own sofa, you might want to designate a more private chamber for your fur baby.

You can use the space under your stairs for a dog nook. This is an excellent space-saving feature which is beneficial, especially for small homes. Don’t forget to pick a cozy bed for this new haven. Leather, microfiber, and canvas are some of the best fabrics for pet beds. These covers are hardwearing and easy to clean.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop is a trusted upholstery and curtain shop. They have hundreds of stylish fabrics, from leather to wool and suede to velvet.

  1. Cat Cave Bed

Cat Cave Bed

Speaking of snuggly resting places, your cat needs one of these, too. And, they would really appreciate it if theirs is a cave-type one. Cats love their lone time, and they like hiding away once in a while. Hence, you would want to give them a bed that provides a feeling of remoteness, security and soundness.

Cat cave beds suit every cat, especially the shy or nervous ones.

  1. Quirky Pet Lamp

April with lamp

Pet lovers adore the cuteness of their furry friends. Hence, we assume that you will delight in unique pieces that will remind you of your pet’s charm. This Tiffany-style, stained-glass cat lamp will brighten up your space (and your mood)! Place it on a bedside table or mount it on a shelf in the corner of the living room.

  1. Cat Wall Clock

The clock tells us the right time, helping us to manage our daily tasks.  But aside from its main function, a wall clock can add a whimsical touch to a space. Take, for example, the iconic Kit-Cat Klock.

This novelty accessory is usually black, but other colors like blue and white are also available. If you’re a fan of vintage pieces, and a total cat person, this might be a good addition to your home interior décor.

Kit Cat Clock

  1. Puppy Wine Holder

Puppy-dog wine bottle holder

Bring your puppy love to the kitchen with a dog-inspired bottle holder. A cute décor like this will step up your pet figurine game. This is perfect for dog parents who are wine lovers as well. Personalize your kitchen and get everyone cheery with this bottle holder as the countertop center-piece.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading today’s post! I hope that you found great interior inspirations that celebrate your four-legged friends. We believe that you can brighten up your space through simple accessories and ornaments. So, bring out the artsy in you, and we wish you happy decorating!


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