Traditional festivals in Ghana

Ghana is a West African country, situated along the Atlantic Ocean& gulf of guinea. The country is also called the gold coast because of its reserve of natural resources. Along with the rich reserve of natural resources, the country is enriched with a rich cultural diversity & consists of multiple ethnicity, race & religion. Ghana has a population of more than 30 million as of the data of 2020, & it has well-balanced respect to every religion & ethnicity, as well as festivals. Festivals are very important for a country or a region to prosper. It gives a boost to the economy, connects people socially & morally, etc.

In this article, we will discuss a few festivals in Ghana& the economic & social importance of them.

  • Historical importance: Celebrating festivals will make younger generations to know about the history of the place & their origin, ethnicity & belief. They will be culturally enriched by the older generation & will be able to express gratitude towards them.
  • Religious importance: People come to know about their faith when festivals are celebrated. They will connect to the high powers if they believe in them. Religion will prosper after more people come under the same roof of belief.
  • Social importance: The most important part is that festivals make people socially active, they have reunions with their family & friends. The youth also get to know their extended family. Marriages are often arranged at these times.
  • Economic importance: one of the prime factors of encouraging festivals is the economic importance of the country. When festivals happen all around economy flourishes because people started buying a lot of things that in turn increases the economic activity of the country.
  • Political importance: political leaders often encourage festivals so that people cannot assess their beliefs. It helps them secure their position as a leader. Plus, they cannot be biased towards any festival because of fearing to lose their power.
  • Cultural importance: the rich cultural heritage is usually manifested in the people during festivals. They get to know about the culture & feel included in the process. They are connected & feel the warmth and hospitality of other people.
  • Moral importance: festivals make people contribute towards humanity, country & its people. They strengthen the role of a good citizen. They get a chance to lead a morally acceptable life & turn their life into a worthy one.

Below are the 5 popular festivals of Ghana

  • Odiwara festivals
  • Homowo
  • Adae Kese
  • Aboakyer
  • Hogbetsotso

Odiwara festival

This festival is celebrated in the eastern region of Ghana by the Akropong-Akuapim, Larteh, Aburi & Mamte people. They celebrate the festival in September annually. The festival signifies the historic victory of the Ashanti in 1826, & also the harvest of new yams. The festival is celebrated as a week-long series of rituals & traditions to purify the town.

Homowo festival

Homowo festival is celebrated in the greater Accra region by the GA people. The festival commemorates the struggle when there was a famine in the land which led to great starvation of the people of the region. This festival is also celebrated in September to rejoice in the harvest season.

Adae kese

Adae kese means a big resting place. This festival is celebrated by the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. The festival glorifies the achievement of the Ashanti kingdom & their victory in war. It is an annual culmination celebration of Akan calendar & celebrated in the Manhiya palace. It also signifies the New Year for the tribe.

Aboakyer festival

The festival translates as the hunting for an animal in Fante language. The festival is celebrated mainly in the central region of the country & commemorates the migration of the Simpafo people.

Hogbetsotso festival

The festival is celebrated in the Volta Region of Ghana by the people of Anloga. It is celebrated on the first Saturday in November. The festival name signifies coming from Hogbe, a town in Togo.

Ghana is a country with rich culture & a lot of festivals. In this article, only the top 5 festivals are put for the readers to know the country a little bit more.

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