Virtual artist Miquela debuted a music video at Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza moved online this year, and the song entertainment kicked off in an properly online way: with the appearance of a new music video from virtual author Miquela. The video is an uniquely CG affair, created remotely, for the single “Hard Feelings.” It describes Miquela and a party crew on the back of a flatbed truck, as they wind their way through a wilderness landscape that deliberately morphs into something more surreal.

For the uninformed, Miquela is a digital avatar that started out as a CG influencer on Instagram and has since developed into the world of music, publishing several singles and music videos since 2017. She’s part of a burgeoning field of digital influencers.

According to Nicole de Ayora, CCO of Brud, the organization after Miquela, the Lollapalooza video reveal came about after the festival decided to shift to an online format. The “Hard Feelings” video also differs from her past song videos in a few ways. To start, it was designed entirely remotely; there was a director in Toronto, a New York-based choreographer, and other patrons in Los Angeles and abroad.

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