6 Small Tattoo Design Ideas For Aesthetic Look

In recent times, the trend of tattoos has really taken off, and most people want to have tattoos. There are so many people who suggest that big tattoos are there to make a bold statement and also look good. But in recent times, people have shifted their preference from large to small tattoos. People want something inked on their body that looks very aesthetic.

In India, where the tattoo culture has not become that famous like other western countries, there are still many young adults between the ages of 18 and 20 who are scared to get inked, not because of the pain or anything, but because of what their parents or relatives will say about their tattoo. If you are someone who is in the situation mentioned above, then you can go for the small tattoo design, which will look pretty cool, and they are small in size, so you can even hide that tattoo from your parents or relatives.

If you are going for the small tattoo design, then you can get it inked on any part of your body. But on the neck, wrist, near ear, or collar bone, it’ll look perfect. There are so many small tattoo designs to choose from, but there are people who get confused about what design to get.

In this article, we are going to look at the best small tattoo design ideas that you can get for aesthetic appeal.

Om Tattoo:

If you are someone who is spiritually inclined, seeking spiritual awareness, or very religious, then this tattoo design might be for you. Om was known to be the first sound of the universe. In Hinduism, the chanting of this mantra is very sacred, and it is sung before the beginning of any spiritual or religious rituals. The Om also represents the union of mind and breath of life. The Om tattoo design will look best on your wrist or the back of your neck. This tattoo design is one of the best small tattoo designs, which will also be very aesthetic. There are many tattoo artists in Jaipur, Delhi, and Mumbai who can do these designs very well.

Pearl Tattoo:

A pearl is something that is found beneath the ocean and can be worth a lot of money. The pearl represents re-birth, wealth, miracles, and secret knowledge. The pearl tattoo is for those who are entering a new phase of their lives. This tattoo design will look best on your biceps or the lower abdomen. This design looks very cool and graceful.

Heart-shaped tattoo:

The heart is the ultimate symbol of love, memory, hope, and romance. The small heart tattoo will look good on your wrist, neck, or fingers. The heart tattoo will always remind you of all the love you’ve received from the person, whether it is your partner, parents, grandparents, or any of your friends and relatives. Heart tattoo designs are very common, but you can always ask for something unique from your tattoo artist. This design is loved by everyone, and you’ll receive only positive comments about the heart design. The heart design will look very elegant, charming, and neat on your body.

Airplane Tattoo:

The airplane tattoo is not very common among people because it is a very simple and basic design. But the meaning an airplane tattoo holds is very deep. It represents all the youth, freedom, and regret-free living. If you are someone who’s in their college days or just enjoying life as it is, then you can get this tattoo; it’ll look amazing on your body. There are also many designs you can try, like a paper airplane or a shaded plane; it all depends on you. The placement of this tattoo will look good on your wrist, inner arm, or side neck.

Elephant Tattoo:

Elephants represent strength, prosperity, and power in many cultures. The elephants are the free-spirited animals that live by their own rules and in unity. This tattoo design is for those who are very loyal, cheerful, and try to keep their family or friend groups together. The small elephant tattoo will look very charming and stylish on your wrist or ankle. The elephant tattoo will look perfectly aesthetic on your body.

Arrow Tattoo:

One of the most aesthetically pleasing tattoos is an arrow tattoo. This tattoo represents courage and fearlessness. The arrow tattoo will also serve as a constant reminder to you to move forward in life regardless of the circumstances. The tattoo will look great on your forearm, wrist or collarbone. This tattoo design is for those who have faced some tough situations in the past, but with all their courage and bravery, they came out of the situation and moved forward in life for a better future.

So, these are six small tattoo design ideas for an aesthetic look. There are many other designs as well, but these six will look very perfect and aesthetic on your body.

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