Complete Guide on How To Be a Baddie 101: Baddie Outfits + More

A baddie is a boss girl who is attractive, confident, and a trend-setter. These women are typically well-known influencers modeling the latest fashions, the most extravagant makeup, and the most fashionable clothing. So, if you are looking for an answer for how to be a cute baddie, we have the answer. They’re stunningly beautiful and are the ones we look at, admire, and then usually click “follow” on the Instagram baddie. It’s not easy to create the look of a celebrity. However, it’s much easier than you imagine.

This is why we’ll go over some tips and tricks to enable you to channel your inner supermodel and assist you in improving your Instagram (and confidence) in general.

Becoming a Instagram Baddie on a Budget

Before we get started with baddie style, I’m sure you’re thinking about what you do if you’re working on a budget? What do you do to become a cute baddie with a budget? Do you think it is possible? It is absolutely possible. You can have a baddie boutique on budget. Or if you are looking for baddie leather jacket outfits, here are some ways to go about it:

  • Sale only. Nasty Gal, Missguided, and boohoo have good regular sales. If you are looking for a bargain and are willing to gamble on the quality, SheIn and Zaful have several good options as well.
  • Make an investment in less expensive (drugstore) makeup products if you are able to find the correct baddie fashion products; they’ll work similarly to more expensive makeup.
  • Spend some time thrifting. You are never sure what you’ll discover when you go thrifting, and it could be the perfect alternative to a style that is a bit sexier. Yes, you can find thrift stores online too that can lead to a baddie boutique.
  • Make it your own. Instead of having your eyebrows or hair or nails done by a professional, try it yourself and save some money to use for other things. This can also aid in improving your styling skills and makeup in general, which is an all-win!
  • Make yourself creative. Instead of throwing out clothes you don’t like, take them apart in half, sew them, stitch them and transform them into something more appealing.

After covering this, let’s get into some tips and tricks to look like a baddie, beginning with apparel.

Baddie Outfit Tips that will Make you Instagram Baddie

Cropped Tops For Baddie Look

Wearing cropped items has become an Instagram-worthy style for baddie fashion. It doesn’t matter if it’s cut t-shirts, tanks, shorts, sweaters, or even jeans; anything will work great, which is why it’s time to get on board. These pieces can be worn with any style, no matter if it’s romantic or not, let you add to the trend in your own unique way.

Additionally, you can cut your clothes down to shorter lengths. Who would have thought that being an aspiring aesthetic baddie could be so creative?

Hug Those Curves

Hug Those Curves

Fashion-forward aesthetic baddie outfits are about embracing those contours (aka wearing tight-fitting clothing). This means that it’s time to invest in clothes that will stick to your skin and highlight your gorgeous body. Everybody is gorgeous, so don’t be scared to flaunt your own!

If you don’t like tight-fitting clothing covering your whole body, you can opt for a more snug-fitting half of your body. For example, a slack crop top and sweatpants create a simple, basic outfit that’s still feminine. For instance, a set of comfortable biker shorts and a graphic t-shirt are a great look.

High-Waisted Everything

High waist
High waisted

In the next step, high-waisted apparel has become more and more popular in a trend of baddie fashion. And it is something that you observe all the girls wearing. High-waisted clothing can highlight your curves and accentuate your waist; it may even make it appear slimmer. This can give you a more attractive look.

Matching Sets

Matching sets

A sexy and feminine outfit is always a suitable and straightforward method to put as an outfit that’s a bit groovy. Even if the outfit appears like you’re headed to the gym, you’re in the right place. It’s not necessary to buy sets that have already been assembled – simply be creative and mix and match!

Keep It Chill 

One primary reason that an Insta fashionista is trendy is that they’re able to make simple clothes look stunning. Examples include sneakers and loose-fitting mom jeans, and a plain ponytail. Sporty clothing is a trendy fashion.

It’s not always necessary to wear a slick outfit. You can have your lazy day with a messy bun and still be a fashion-forward baddie.

Cute Baddie Makeup Tips

Beddie Eye Brows

Baddie Eye Brows
Baddie Eye brows

Seriously, have you ever had the pleasure of seeing an IG beauty with brows that are less than perfect? No! That’s why it’s time to focus on the eyebrows. No matter if you’re using powders or a pencil or brow mascara microblading, make sure you get your brows put in place! Full, thick brows that are clean and tidy are in fashion.

It’s simple to figure out which one you like best. You can play around with them, and you’ll create natural, thick eyebrows that sparkle. This is definitely essential in order to be a baddie girl.


Another style of baddie is sculpting your cheekbones and contouring your face. This is a gorgeous makeup trend to experiment with, and it can help highlight your features and provide a radiant complexion overall (which is extremely beautiful). It’s time to begin watching YouTube videos about contouring!

Baddie Eye Lashes 

Baddie eye lashes
Baddie Eye Lashes

The next baddie girl tip is to improve your lashes. Are you aware that most of the women classified by the term “baddies” on Instagram have gorgeous, long eyelashes? This doesn’t mean that you should get your lashes professionally done but putting on some gorgeous false lashes or applying a few coats of mascara can be enough to achieve the desired effect.


If you’d like the look of your face to be noticed with your bronzer, it’s the perfect time to bring out your features. Be it your eyebrow bones, the top of your nose and even your lips, the highlight can add a dimension to your appearance, which draws the attention. Highlighting is an extremely popular trend. Get that shine!

Create Your Own Look

If your style is a prominent cheekbone, exaggerated eyeshadow shades, or bold red lipstick, you can create a look that makes you stand out from the crowd. In this way, people will gravitate towards them because they will love your style. Kylie Jenner is known for her plump lips, whereas Lily Collins is known for large, full brows.

Suppose you’re wearing the same appearance as everyone is. In that case, you’ll not be noticed, so you must find an opportunity to express your uniqueness and individuality through the makeup you put on!

Bottom Line

While each of these suggestions are crucial to achieving the perfect baddie look, the most important thing is simply to be who you are. If you’re spending too long trying to appear like somebody else and you’ll end up lost in an Instagram baddie appearance, and that’s not what a baddie is. Find your confidence and take care of yourself!

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