Cardboard Cosmetic Packaging Boxes for Displaying Pigmented Eye Shadows

Want to make your pigmented eye shadow range among must-have cosmetics for this year? Are you getting all those popular beauty bloggers to commend and recommend your eye cosmetics and using effective marketing media too? Investing in creatively compelling packaging would boost your product promotion efforts. Beguiling boxes showcasing your makeup products would grab the attention of the cosmetic addicts. They will feel inclined into knowing the formulation, features, and benefits of the items. If you have a new brand, interactive and persuasive packaging would aid you with building a distinguished identity and improving consumer outreach. 

Captivating cosmetic boxes with the window would intrigue the shoppers looking for creamy eye shadow options. Gripping and glamorous packaging will make the items hard to ignore them. You can use the boxes for highlighting the distinctiveness of the cosmetics like they are easy to apply, blend, and last better than the similar makeup items. Interactive and convincing packaging would make the buying decision easier for the customers. They will not have to ask the counter staff for the information they need for making an informed purchase. Do you have a skilled printing partner for getting the boxes designed enthrallingly? 

You can show some samples you like or ask for artwork suggestions that complement the pigmented eye shadows. 

We are listing a few helpful tips on customizing cardboard packaging for cosmetics!

Finishing Options for Full Color Printed Boxes 

Full color technique is used for printing packaging made of cardboard. You can take a look at the popular customizations for boxes carrying creamy eye shadows. Embossing, raised ink, UV coating, glossy/matte lamination are some of the preferences you can consider. Opt for a combo that makes your branding details prominent on the packaging. If you feel confused, seek assistance from the printer. 

Trendy Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes’ Printing 

Packaging for eye shadows should be printed with a striking style to make it worth noticing for the shoppers. You should however, consider the elements of utility and easy handling when deciding on the boxes’ layout. Customers would remember your cosmetic brand if you offer them unique products in packaging that is simple to open, carry and store. A pleasing cosmetic box making the product consumption complicated wouldn’t be liked by the users. 

Packaging with Interesting Tips and Tricks 

Boxes for makeup items can be made worth keeping for the consumers by giving tips that can help create formal and casual looks. You can have simple to follow pointers printed on packaging about using the pigmented eye shadow in different ways. Cardboard cosmetic packaging boxes can have vintage fashion themed artwork or other engaging content to leave the buyers hooked to your cosmetics. 

Use the packaging for establishing your authority and demonstrating your specialty for eye makeup. Bundle up the packaged products with liners and mini mascaras to make them not to miss out deals. You can have festive boxes on Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s and Easter. Build memorable inkling for your brand by enlightening the customers about your core values, vision and best practices. 

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The boxes should have the number of eye shadows in the pallet, manufacturing, and best before dates. Get your logo embossed on the packaging to make your cosmetic brand easy to remember for the makeup junkies. 

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