How to Revamp your Wardrobe into a Gothic one

What should we consider to be the basics of Gothic fashion? Adornment of dark elements and style and having everything that is not ‘normal’. The Gothic or alternative genre is all about going against the flow, moving away from the mainstream and creating a sensational statement of your own.

Ladies, if this genre really excites you and you want to transform your regular outfits to women’s gothic clothing, all you need to do is prepare and stock your wardrobe with some of the things that are most important to adopt a basic Gothic look.

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Black Bodices or Basques

Bodices, corsets or basques are a staple of a gothic wardrobe. In gothic terms, the corset doesn’t reflect oppression, as it was back in the 18th century, rather it is just a top-like outfit that really highlights the curves of the bust and waist. So, if you plan to pull this off in the smartest way, pair it with leather skirts or trousers, or maybe with a ruffled short skirt or a tutu skirt.

You can also amplify the look by pairing your corset with a sheer shirt or fishnet tee. And it would be the best if you can don the ones in dark shades.

Black Leather Jackets

A graphic tee and pants, or a little black dress, is complete when paired with a leather jacket. Gothic staples like this would be a one-time investment and will always create a sensation with its presence. And since winter is already approaching, wearing a leather jacket every now and then, will mean no harm. It will keep you warm, yet you will look super stylish.

Both the bomber jackets and rocker leather jackets are happening gothic wardrobe requirements.


If you are the one to follow Gothic trends diligently, you will see how boots are heavily present in Goth lookbooks. Women’s gothic clothing is no big deal, all you need to do is choose the right things. Many of these were already there in your wardrobe, without you knowing that they are parts of gothic clothing.

In case of footwear, even if you want to go for the high-heeled boots and studded heels, keep in your collection a pair of black combat boots that is fit to be worn with any outfit. A chunky, rugged pair of combat boots are super comfy and never go out of style. Just do not go OTT and end up looking like an assassin who is battle-ready.

Gothic Dresses

When you are making up a Gothic wardrobe, getting some gothic dresses are a must. It may not always look like the long-sleeved- ruffled, floor touching flared and collared Victorian dresses, it can also be the one that the followers of Lolita subculture, the short, cute ones. All Gothic dresses should not look like princesses, some can look sexy too. LBDs paired with jackets are minimal, but look irresistible.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are oh so popular and the striking ones indeed catch our focus. For Gothic followers, who like to contemplate the highs and lows of life and death, the symbol of the skull is very meaningful, so do the tees with a graphic skull imprinted on them.

Graphic tees are meant to add a personal touch, and act as a mode to reflect your thoughts. Graphic tees are all about individuality and what he or she believes in.


Pewter or alloy-based rings are a smart choice for gothic lovers. They are classic gothic accessories that depict the symbols of your gothic subculture. They can have meaningful dark symbols, engraved on the ring, or can be gem-encrusted.

Studded Wristlets

What would be an accessory that will complete the look of your rebellious self? Well, that would be a studded bracelet. It’s a simple accessory and it goes well with any gothic-styled outfit. While donning it, you can choose to wear one thick, studded leather band, or multiple thin ones. Just make sure the colours match with your day’s outfit.

These are some of the few basic things that women’s gothic clothing consists of. But there’s no end to rebelliousness, and breaking rules. So, just keep exploring and keep setting fashion standards.

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