How To Spot a Fake Rolex Watches?

There are only a few watch brands like Rolex that enjoy global fame and recognition. Today, the term “Rolex” has become a household name. And it is the brand’s magnificent watches that contribute to its unparallel success and crave across the world.

Without any doubt, Rolex has edified and set a standard in the horology industry with its avant-garde creations like a water-resistant Oyster case and a Perpetual movement.

However, this unparallel fame and desirability have paved the way for counterfeit Rolex timepieces. While the demand for Rolex watches continues to increase supply, counterfeiters are also raising their game.

Well, you may identify a dealer who is not retailing the real deal. But it can be pretty challenging to spot a fake Rolex watch with a price tag of hundreds or thousands of pounds. The counterfeit model is likely to look exactly like the genuine one.

Don’t fret as we have come up with some excellent tips and tricks to help you in confirming if a Rolex is fake or real.

The Best Tips & Tricks to Spot A Fake Rolex

  • Feel the Watch

Rolex watches are made using premium quality materials, flaunting excellent and precise finishing and gleam. So a genuine Rolex watch will feel expensive.

The timepiece, as well as the bracelet, has a substantial weight. On the contrary, a fake one will have a lightweight and feels flimsy.

  • A real Rolex bracelet will be smooth and closed securely. There are no sharp edges or snags.
  • Moreover, the winder on a genuine Rolex watch flaunts a three-dimensional crown logo. It is profoundly grooved and firmly attached.
  • The clasp also has a three-dimensional crown and can be adjusted for minute functions.

However, the cheapest counterfeit Rolexes will possess limited functionalities and may track time inconsistently. Also, the glass crystal can break easily, and the push-buttons may not work properly.

Check for all these features to feel a bit confident about the Rolex watch on your hand.

Look Over the Material of the Case & Bracelet

Rolex uses the 950Platinum and only 18ct gold to produce its watches. And fake Rolexes typically come in steel.

As expected, Rolex watches are made using a type of high-grade alloy that the aerospace industry is known to prefer. For example, the Oyster models are crafted of “Oystersteel”. And it is a special 904L-type of steel that offers high resistance to corrosion.

However, while counterfeiters are upgrading their prowess in imitating, good fakes today may use the same alloy. So the outcome is that –

  • If you find a Rolex watch crafted of low-quality steel, it is indeed not a Rolex.
  • But even for a Rolex made of high-quality steel, you cannot be confident about its authenticity.

Moreover, the watchmaker started equipping its watch with a tough ceramic – Cerachrom from 2005.

Rolex uses an ultra-fine layer of gold or platinum to coat the entire bezel. Later it is polished to make the engraved numerals and other embellishments more legible and reflective.

Thus, the quick tip for you is –

Check precisely whether or not the engraving on the ceramic bezel is clear and deep. Are there any scratches? Or does it show any signs of fading? If yes, chances are higher that the Rolex is a fake one.

What is On The Crystal?

In 1953, Rolex furnished its mainstay Datejust watches with a tiny magnifying lens over the date aperture, known as the Cyclops. The watchmaker incorporated it into the crystal of the watch for magnifying the date two-and-a-half times. Counterfeiters typically skip this element as it is too costly to imitate.

Another essential detail to keep in mind is that the watches produced by Rolex after 2002 should feature a tiny crown carved on the crystal’s face over the 6 o’clock marker.

However, counterfeiters are putting much attention to details from long back. So they now add crowns. But the crowns are rarely found as legible, and will definitely show some sort of peculiarities in size and shape.

Check the Movement of Hands

The seconds-hand on an authentic Rolex watch moves with subtle gradations. Eventually, the sweep looks to be continuous.

  • On the contrary, fake Rolexes come with a seconds-hand that totters from second to second.
  • Moreover, the GMT hand on a counterfeit Rolex may be present only for show – as a dead hand.

However, for those who aren’t aware, the GMT hand enables a watch to show the time of more than one time-zone.

How is the Serial Number Looking?

The serial number on genuine Rolex watches is etched deeply in the metal. If you see the number under magnification, the margins of the engraving will yet look sharp.

With this in mind, if your Rolex shows acid-etched or smudged numbers, it is likely to be a fake one.

Moreover, Rolex started to engrave a serial number on the inner bezel from 2010. Yes, counterfeiters do the same now. But if the engraving looks shallow or smudgy, it is not a genuine Rolex.

Keep in mind the above factors to ensure the authenticity of the Rolex watch that you are looking to buy. Moreover, before you even head out to sell your Rolex, it is essential to verify the authenticity of your watch.

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