Men’s Winter Jacket Buying Guide in 2022

Temperature is dropping, signaling the start of a new season. During winter, you can add layers of clothing inside the house, but what about going outside? If you don’t wear a leather jacket, you’ll still be cold no matter how many layers you put on. A warm, robust, and protective winter coat will keep you warm and make you look terrific.

Finding the perfect winter coat, on the other hand, is selecting one that provides adequate insulation and is sturdy enough to survive several winters. Whether going on an adventure, riding a motorcycle, or going to work, your coat needs the correct style and design to withstand the type of activities you want to conduct while wearing it. So, don’t shiver and battle through the upcoming winter season. This article discusses easy-to-use tips on buying a leather jacket for yourself.

What are the Most Popular Winter Jacket Styles?

Winter coats come in various styles, from sleek insulated trenches to biker jackets designed for outdoor adventures. As a result, we come up with multiple designs to explore for strategic choices.

Biker Jacket:

If you own a bike, your closet should consist of a biker leather jacket. It does not matter that you have a sporty bike, touring bike, or cruiser bike; leather biker jackets are the appropriate attire for any rider. Experienced riders can understand that wearing a leather jacket while traveling is essential. Apart from looking cool and muscular, it makes your journey comfortable and acts as protection. Right, and quality accessories with the bike make your riding experience safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

Because this jacket is primarily a youthful, edgy style, it looks best when paired with tight jeans. Whatever you choose, make sure to pair it with a light shade underneath wear, as this style is meant to be worn close to the body.

Bomber Jacket:

In history, a bomber jacket was a man’s thing. However, today’s fashion designers are creating bomber jackets for women, all designed to give their outfits a sporty appearance. There are many different variations of this 90s-style jacket, such as metallic and vintage floral patterns, but the all-time classic is the pure black or brown bomber jacket, which both men and women wear.

Trench Coats:

Men’s winter coats and trenches are heavy-duty and waterproof coats. You usually see the police or army officer wearing that in old movies. They are the longest in all coats and jackets categories. There was a time when people were fond of this type of coat. Although they were very bulky and difficult to handle, people loved them so much. There were probably not so many choices at that time, or maybe men wanted to look like macho officers.

But today, the story is different. Trench coats for men are designed less heavy and more comfortable, giving men ultimate warmth. There could be many reasons for trench coats being back in the fashion industry nowadays. One acceptable reason is the emerging 21st-century fashion industry that blends traditional and modern design. Today’s fashion is in complete contrast to what we had behind. Today, everyone looks for comfort in conjunction with the style. A trench coat is stylish and comfortable to wear at any time.

What Features Should You See in a Leather Jacket?

It is not only about a leather jacket fashion; multiple aspects can drive someone to buy one for themselves. So, let’s find out those aspects without further ado.

Ensure the Durability

Leather products are famous for their longevity and last much longer than any other clothing product. Leather can last a lifetime if one spends a little extra on quality and handles it with care. Premium quality leather never gets torn and cracked after wearing it a few times. Even in the different museums, soldiers’ and forces jackets seem intact even though they got used to very rough and harsh environments. Even denim and other rigid clothing stuff only survive for a few years. If someone is willing to spend a bit more on quality, their grandchildren can also wear that same evergreen leather jacket.

It Must Enhance your Personality

A leather jacket wearer always feels trendy, tough, calm, and confident. This sense of feeling is the same across a raw street-style jacket and sleek, smooth, formal wear. People always are dependent on leather for ruggedness. You don’t need tutorials and workshops to develop a personality. An elegant and quality leather jacket is all you need, and every eye will gaze at you. It is a psychological fact when you wear premium outerwear; it boosts your confidence, and most of the time, we don’t even realize it, but it makes a great impression on others.

Protection from Harsh Weather

A jacket is more than a style. It covers and keeps you warm on snowy days and even protects you from injuries. Bikers who fire the racing tracks with their blazing speeds also wear thick leather jackets to keep them covered. If they fall on the ground or any uncertainty happens, a thick coat or jacket can minimize the rate of injuries. But even if you are not biking, a leather jacket is a must-have item in your closet.

Formal Occasion Wear

Leather-based outerwear is also best suited for formal events and occasions. The design pattern of formal jackets is very sleek and straightforward compared to the raw leather style. Usually, a blue leather jacket is ubiquitous when it comes to formal wear. A white shirt, black pants, a classic watch, and a blue coat or jacket are all you need to be ready for a formal event. This dressing combination is best suited for dining out with friends, attending a wedding function, or an office meeting. The same jacket can efficiently serve your formal and casual attire needs.

Factors to Determine When Buying a Biker Jacket

You may struggle to find a perfect one for yourself as more and more styles are introduced in the market every day. Essential things to analyze are;

The leather color: Most riders opt for the traditional black and brown jacket. But it is not mandatory. The fashion theme is now changing; you can see that people are wearing red, blue, green, and tan colors more often. But it depends on one’s personal preference. Always go with the things that let you feel confident and relaxed and give you a sense of satisfaction overall.

Pockets in a jacket: It must be noted that a jacket has enough pockets. They play a prominent role while traveling. In addition, a rider’s accessories like sunglasses, collar scarves, gloves, and even the phone and other relevant things need a place in the jacket. Usually, the standard is two chest pockets, two lower, and two inner pockets.

The leather material: Always pay close attention to the fabric when purchasing. The material is one of the factors which influences the price. Going cheaper is not always better, especially in the case of leather. Saving bucks is not a good idea here.

The size: The essential yet arguable thing. No matter how expensive and cool-looking jacket you bought, everything is like the netherworld if it does not fit you well. If it is too bulky and oversized, it will hang on your body and feel clunky. Similarly, if it is too short, it will be uncomfortable on your body, and you will feel suffocation.

Leather type: Different animal skins have distinct attributes. Deerskin is for warmer jackets, lambskin for the silk look but is not very durable, and calfskin possesses softness and durability.

The Bottom Line:

Hopefully, you now have enough knowledge and have decided to get one for yourself. Visit the finest leather brands to find a diverse collection of jackets at a minimal cost. Have fun shopping!

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