Top 9 Creative Tattoo Types to Get Inked

Tattoos are a way of self-enlightenment and encouragement for people. They feel secure under the shades of the ink. It makes them feel the uniqueness of their personalities and allows them to be different from the rest of the crowd. Many people believe in this below-mentioned quote by Johnny Deep.

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

They own their bodies and take these as their entity where the tattoos explain their ideologies and believes. If you want to feel peace and solace, you can get a tattoo too. The best in town for tattoo designing is the Tattoo Design Inc. They have a team of highly talented and supremely experienced tattoo designers who can paint your body like a beautiful scenery.

You can choose any of these nine tattoo types to be inked.

1. The Japanese Arm Tattoo

This tattoo design is famous around the globe for its unique and bewitching appearance. This design is also called an Irezumi or a Horimono. If you love traditional Japanese culture or if you want to explore the culture, then this tattoo design is your perfect match. It is a unique form of modern art.

2. The Animal Tattoo

Are you an animal lover? Do you love your pet? Then why don’t get it on your body and stick to it for a lifetime? An animal tattoo allows you to have your favorite animal carved on your body. You can choose spirit animals as well and affiliate yourself with the essence of their existence. For instance, you want to have a tattoo of a lion because you want to feel like a king.

3. The Nape and Neck Tattoos

The most elegant and classy tattoo types are these.  They always look beautiful and attractive no matter what the design is. On the neck, a tattoo can be used as a jewel or a beautiful ornament a woman uses to decorate her beauty. The tattoos on the nape add a sleek and attractive look to any human at all. They look smart, intelligent, and creative with this.

4. The Calligraphy Tattoo

If you are a die heart fan of calligraphy, then what can be better than getting one on yourself. The tattoo artists have huge collections of calligraphic tattoos from which you can choose your favorite one. If not, then you can customize a design and get it inked on your body.

5. The Cartoon Tattoo

If you are a fan of cartoons and you love to entertain people. Then this is your ultimate option. Cartoon tattoos are fun to get. They will allow you to have your childhood memories inked on your body for a lifetime. There can never be harsh feelings for a cartoon. So, there are no worries about replacing it at all.

6. The Dotwork Tattoo

This tattoo design is unique out of all others. Instead of drawing lines and patterns, the artist pokes in dots in your body and creates a unique tattoo until an image is formed. You can try one and get your hands on creativity.

7. The Horror Tattoo

Do you want to scare people? How about trying a horror tattoo? You can get scary images inked on your body and have a unique style of expressing yourself. This tattoo design is not really common because people consider it boring or bored. However, you can break the chain and get one.

8. The Spine Tattoo

If you want to show your bravery and confidence, then a spine tattoo is the best place for you. The tattoo a bit painful to get but once you get it, your body will have a sleek and stylish look. If you are not comfortable sharing it with everyone, you can cover it too. This tattoo is for you to feel and appreciate yourself.

9. The Head Tattoo

A lot of pain and extreme patience is what you will go through if you opt for this Tattoo. These tattoos are dangerous of all but they bring the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction with it. This is a big shot, you need to make sure that you are ready for the adventure and that you will not quit.

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