How to Improve Employee Productivity?

 Employee productivity can be described as the evaluation of the competence of worker(s). It can be determined by estimating the amount of time required to complete a given task. The smaller the time required to complete a task, the greater would be the productivity, provided the quality of output does not get compromised. 

Based on the output of employees in a specific span of time, their productivity can be assessed. If we place both things together including the productivity of an employee and average of the employees working in the same field, we can measure productivity. 

Analysis of the workforce is vital as the progress of an organization is dependant on its employee productivity. An easily operated workspace should be created in which employees are constructive as it is crucial to increase profits for your organization, corporation or small business. 

Employee productivity can be maximized by two major factors that are personal motivation and framework of the work environment. It can also be boosted by providing motivational incentives. Promotions and increasing salaries are the only factors involved in promoting employee productivity, in fact, the latest studies state that there are many other integral factors involved in leveraging employee productivity rather than just increasing their salaries. 

Factors that Influence Employee Productivity 

Let’s start by focusing on the factors which are involved in enhancing the productivity of an employee. If we give it a thought, is salary the only catalyst that urges an employee to give their heart and soul to the work? Is it the only essential thing which is to be provided? Or there are some other aspects involved? 

Generally talking, money is definitely the biggest motivator which contributes to higher productivity. But, it is not enough. There are a few other factors which contribute incredibly to employee productivity.   


Too common. Too understandable. Talk about it to your managers, they will tell you that they already know the importance of appreciation. Ask them, when was the last time they appreciated an employee or how frequently they do it. 

The internet has made everything conventional and typical. Words like appreciation, teamwork and trust have lost their original meaning. 

Recognizing the importance of any employee in the team, acknowledging their effort, showing the end results of work once it is done to the entire workforce and giving them the credit for their efforts, this all greatly affect the productivity of the employee. 

They know their hard work is valued. A manager has a huge role to play over here. Treating all the employees fairly and giving them the credit for their efforts.  They can build an environment that is designed in such a way where every employee is cheered and feels a sense of worth.  

Setting Goals 

Another contributing factor is setting goals for the employees. In this regard, managers can adopt various strategies one of which is management by objectives. When goals for the employees are explicitly stated they tend to perform well. MBO is a model of management which is used by managers to increase organizational performance. 

Employees productivity can be enhanced through reward and punishment. You have to decide what the reward is going to be. It can be a bonus or maybe paid leaves. Similarly, the penalty includes cutting the bonus. It is going to be different depending on your policies and environment. However, penalties should be used rarely and wisely. As a leader, you should have enough empathy to understand what your employee is going through. So, penalties should be used carefully only to create discipline and to enhance productivity. 


According to Abraham Maslow, a well-known social scientist, in his theory of motivation states certain needs. Maslow states that human need to be dictated. If organizations can take care of their employees and create an environment where they can easily share their concerns and negativities such as workplace ostracism doesn’t consist then by avoiding this negative behavior employee creativity can be increased. 

These are some proven strategies to improve employee productivity. You can also consider training your employees or conducting a thorough assessment to help them discover their weaknesses and strengths. Hire a company which offers global advisory services to help you improve employee productivity.  


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