Pros & Cons of Buying A 10 Year Old Mercedes

Out of all the elements a buyer thinks of, maintenance is the key factor.

When you think of a luxury car, which is one of the few names that pop in your head? Probably a shiny black sedan with a three-pointed star logo. Mercedes is the first name that would pop into the minds of many. Not only because of its outrageously good looks, but also its performance. It is proven that a Mercedes is one of the cars with the longest life span.

That is when the question arises. How wise is it to buy an older Mercedes? While people may not flinch when purchasing a couple of year-old sedans from this manufacturer. Doubt might gnaw your mind if you find yourself purchasing something that was manufactured 10 years go. That is why it is important to understand a few key factors. Because there are advantages and there are disadvantages.
If you ask yourself should I buy a used Mercedes, which is 10 years old? Then let us begin with the list of pros and cons to dig out the answer.

Advantages of Buying Used Mercedes

There are a few certain pros of buying an older car. You have it tested and there is certainly the price difference. However, the most alluring pros are as follow:

• Cheaper

Older cars suffer from a condition called devaluation. As the days go by and years pass, they become obsolete. In turn, their prices drop. The primary and perhaps the most alluring factor that draws buyers towards older cars is this. While it may not be the case with classic cars. If you find models that are 10 years or older, you can certainly get this benefit.

• Better Quality Than Most

If you are looking to buy from used car sale online in New Zealand, then understand that there are rarely any other cars that offer better quality. Mercedes is the flagship name synonymous with luxury cars. Moreover, if you buy any of their cars such as sports, SUVs, compact SUVs, station wagons, or MVPs, they offer better quality than their peers.
• Great Driving Experience
Mercedes sits atop with some of the most incredible car manufacturers. One of the reasons is that their cars offer an all-around incredible driving experience. Because they design their cars in such a way, that the driver enjoys it completely while being in control at all times.

• Reliability

Of all the factors that a buyer thinks of, the reliability of the car is one of them. Mercedes offers great value for money when it comes to that. While their cars might be a bit more costly than their competition at times. However, their drivers suggest that the experience, in the end, is worth it. Making it one of the most reliable options available today.

• Luxury on a Budget

If you buy a used car from Mercedes that is older than a decade, then you are buying something luxury at the price of an average car. Their older models, such as Mercedes C & E from 2005 and onwards offer features that are still implausible.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Mercedes

We all know that when there are pros about a commodity, there are cons as well. What are the cons of buying something older than a decade? Let us dig in the Cons.

• Lack of Official Support

All Mercedes cars come with a component and check-up warranty of 48 months, which is 4 years. That means anything from 10 years ago does not have any sort of official support.

• Shortage of Parts

As the warranty and support for a vehicle ends, so does the manufacturing of their parts. Rendering it difficult to find it at times. It will also mean that when your car suffers from a broken component, you might have to wait until extended periods to get your hands on the said component.

• Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption of many vehicles grows lesser with time. That is why anything older may consume more fuel than something new. That is why, when looking for something with affordable fuel consumption, something older proves to be a bad choice.

• Worn Out Components

Since the car has been on the road for more than 10 years or so, it might have a myriad of worn-out parts. Making it a liability on the owner.

What Should You Do Then?

So, what is the answer? Should you buy a used Mercedes that is 10 years old? If you are getting a deal that offers a fresh exterior with original components still intact, then go for it. Otherwise, you might run into the said cons. That is why you should always opt for something from the past 3-5 years. As it would allow you to find something within the warranty range. It will also ease the availability of parts.

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