Things You Need to Know About Cardboard Sleeve Packaging Boxes

Boxes have become a core part of our life. Be it a refrigerator, a washing machine, or a pack of mere sewing needles, everything is packed and sold in a box. You will always find everything packed, secured, and reserved in a box. All of the businesses and industries significantly depend upon the packaging boxes. Not only because these boxes are used for packing their products but also because these boxes keep the products safe, durable, and well protected. Most of the time, the customers make their buying decision by judging the products from the pack. 

Advantages of Custom Packaging Boxes

There are so many advantages and uses of boxes, such as it is easy to move or ship the product somewhere else. The boxes are used to ensure the safety of the items or products encased. The boxes prevent the product from breaking and also act as a safety pad from nudges, shocks, and abrasions. Beautiful and robust packaging boxes can be used to store other items as well. The boxes also keep the products safe from external contaminations and from heat. Excessive heat can cause chemical variation in the product, which can make it go bad. 

What are Cardboard sleeve packaging Boxes?

 Cardboard sleeve boxes come under the category of luxury packaging boxes. These boxes come with inserts and are available in various shapes, styles, materials, and designs. This packaging can be used for packaging pens, garments, apparel, and even food items. These boxes are not only alluring but are absolutely resourceful, practical and always come handy. 

Types of custom packaging sleeve boxes 

The sleeve boxes are quite popular since these boxes offer additional security and protection to the item encased. The tray and the sleeve further accentuate and complement the product. There are several types of sleeve boxes. Some of these types are discussed in this article. However, the types shared in this article are not exhaustive.

 Sleeve boxes for apparel 

Apparel sleeve boxes are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. These are perfect for packing party gowns, shirts, ties, cufflinks, and even pocket squares.  

Custom die Cut Sleeve boxes 

These sleeve boxes come with an enhanced outlook due to the die-cut window. Customer can look at the product without going through the hassle of opening the box.

Kraft sleeve boxes 

These earthly brown Kraft boxes are strong but are conveniently light weighted. The Kraft sleeves boxes are perfect for packing light weighted things like ties, pens, and eatables. 

Gift sleeve boxes 

Apart from the commercial packaging, the sleeve boxes can be used to pack a gift for someone as well. The boxes not only give a fancy feel but also accentuate the item. Moreover, it frees you from the hassle of choosing an excellent wrapping paper and then wrapping the gift box altogether. 

Half sleeve boxes 

This is another variation of custom packaging sleeves boxes. The sleeves in these boxes can be used separately as well. These boxes come with a partition in the box. The partitions can be used to put macaroons along with chocolate. If you are looking for premium quality sleeve boxes, contact the team at the Packaging Republic to get your dream custom packaging sleeves boxes.

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