Best Financial Products Selling Apps in India

You don’t have to be a certified accountant or a professional financial advisor to generate income from the financial domain. Here, you can earn commissions just by recommending products to other people. So, when they buy those products you automatically get your commission. This does not require any form of investment and you can even earn by just recommending products to your friends and family members. However, in order to be able to sell Financial Products online, you have to be extremely careful while making the choice of the products. The products should be appropriate according to the customer demands and should also be able to drive your target audience towards actually buying those products. Whereas, you just need to drive your audience towards the big banks as well as loan and credit card providers and they would actually sell the product to the end consumer.

While most of the Indians today are shifting towards digitalization, this can be the perfect time to sell financial products online using the best money earning app in India. There are various companies in India that have entered the finance industry and are offering to sell products and services online with the help of smartphones, making it easier for the financial advisors to earn money just by using their smartphones and without paying any joining fee or membership charges.

There is no eligibility criteria for becoming a financial advisor: housewives, students or even retired professionals with adequate financial knowledge can become an advisor. Moreover, you can earn up to INR 1,00,000 per month just by referring products in your social networks. Your earnings can depend on the sales of the financial products recommended by you. You can register by using your bank account details along with your PAN and Aadhaar card.

List of Applications Selling Financial Products

Before we move onto the list of applications that sell financial products it is important to note that before actually promoting financial products online you must go through the financial training videos to learn about the products and then advertise them to your target audience to generate more leads. Some of the best money earning app in India that sell financial products are as follows:


Refer and earn mobile application that allows its users to generate revenue from the comfort of their homes just by working from their respective mobile phones. OneCode enables its users to refer financial products over their social media accounts, among their friends and family and other social connections. OneCode works as a platform that offers products and services from various banking institutions. It even offers up to INR 1300 for a single account opening. You just need to share the link and the more people sign up from your link, the more would be your commission.

Credit Code

The creditcode mobile earning application enables you to earn money online by simply sharing financial products using this application. If you are looking for work from home job opportunities then credit code can be the perfect option. With having to invest absolutely nothing you can generate consistent monthly earnings with the help of this application. You can also enrol yourself for regular product training sessions. This way you would be able to sell products with the guidance of expert trainers and generate more revenue from Financial Products Selling.


GroMo is the one of the best money earning finance app in India and also India’s leading online financial services providers, offering a unique way which enables people to earn money online. You can access this application from anywhere and you do not need to invest anything in this application in order to be able to earn money from this application. Gromo enables you to earn money just by offering financial services to others such as credit cards, demat accounts, loans and other insurance services. Just head over to the play store, download the application, sign up and create your free account.

All you need to do is to just start sharing the financial products available over the application and earn commission on every successful sale. From metro cities to even tier 6 cities in India, you can register yourself as a financial advisor with GroMo and begin your business journey. Even if you are a housewife or even a working individual, you can earn using this app just by selling financial products through their mobile application. Moreover, users can earn up to INR 1,00,000 by using the GroMo application. You can launch and grow your own financial products business with the help of GroMo. Not just that but you can also use this application to generate revenue as well as gain knowledge and advance your insurance career.

VO Advisor

You can manage your financial services business with the help of this mobile application.

Using this mobile application, you can generate revenue without having to invest any sum of money and just by providing appropriate financial products to your customers. You are provided with your own virtual office in the form of a mobile application using which you can earn money by offering financial products and services to an endless number of customers.

Turtlemint Pro

TurtlemintPro is a one-stop solution that uses the best technology in the finance and insurance sector. It offers a wide range of products from various insurance institutions and also offers customised mutual funds according to the needs and wants of the customers. Turtlemint Pro also offers a personalised dashboard with MIS of all your leads, commissions earned and other statistical information that enables you to track your growth levels. The application also contains a specialised section called the Turtlemint Academy that offers free training and point of sale person certification for general as well as life insurance. Turtlemint academy also includes a range of product and sales related courses for different learners to help them improve their growth and learning levels.


Above are the 5 best money earning finance app in India, that enable you to generate revenue online. However, every application has its own set of features and benefits. Therefore, it is advisable to completely research about the applications before beginning your financial journey. Applications like GroMo enable you to learn about the financial products and earn simply by promoting them in your social circles. Overall, these applications enable you to earn enormous amounts of money by simply selling and promoting financial products using these applications.

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