Decentralization In Gaming – The New Buzz In Gaming Industry

With all the big brands taking over the industry, it makes gaming something that can be a heavy income-oriented market sector. This constantly affects the prices at which these games are being sold. The reason that these games are usually priced this way and have the same kind of plot is that they need to pay their investors. Decentralized gaming or games have a concept that is completely different and way better than what exists now.

Decentralized games are the future and this gaming concept is based on the DOA rules, The reason for this is that these games operate partially or entirely on blockchain technology. These kinds of games have their type of rules and regulations and differ from the usual “Ceo calling the shots” ideal. While there are several reasons for this, the primary reason is that there is a need for transparency required when the blockchain is involved. Also, these decentralized games let the gamers have a say as to what possible updates or changes would be good.

A game being played by an audience also requires their feedback to be implemented, if all of it is not possible maybe some. By enabling decentralized gaming, gamers find themselves in a sweet spot. They also feel incentivized to continue playing due to the increasing trend of Play to Earn games.

Gaming takes a leap

The previous games that were played were made by several famous companies, and these companies were devout to providing what the gamers want but they had their flaws. The concept of introducing decentralized gaming is to make it easier for gamers to get a more interesting storyline. The reason why this is possible now is when compared to what was previously being given is due to the involvement of the blockchain. In contrast to regular games, these games are required to show a high degree of transparency and this cannot be done by the huge gaming organizations.

Gaming is no investable venture and even if it were investible the only way people could make any income was through sponsors and different gaming tournaments. That being said, there were P2E games but they had a lot of issues. These games heavily relied on luck and were less of an investment and more of a gamble. However, with decentralized gaming things are a bit different. The reason for this lies in the use of blockchain technology to create decentralized games. These games use characters, items, tools, and even land as NFTs and these very NFTs can be sold through a marketplace.

Unlike the P2E games that depended on luck, these games depended on the change in the market. If that didn’t work there are even some games that allow you to build your character or collect points to later convert into cash. While this is something new, it is something reliable and used by several other people so what’s not there to look forward to?

How does it make it better? 

With the involvement of blockchain technology, gaming has made itself into something that people can earn and also explore interesting new domains and ideas. The Metaverse is also something that can be taken into consideration as several games are leaning toward this as well. Given that the world is moving toward Web3 change is bound t come and this is but the beginning. 

There are a couple more advantages when compared to the regular game that is being played and they are:

  1. P2E games that are decentralized are more reliable as they do not rely on luck. Instead these games surely on several market factors such as need, demand, and rarity which are not only better odds but also reasonable. The P2E gaming ideal has been adopted in more than one way and this is because in a decentralized game majority or a few of the assets are NFTs that are tradable. 
  2. The assets that are being bought are NFTs and one of the greatest advantages, in that case, is that these assets are exclusively just yours. This means that the assets being purchased and or used are exclusive and only yours and you have full ownership over them. Other games don’t give you this same feature and this is because these designs are really valuable and cannot be used or copied by anyone.
  3. Once again this point emphasizes creative freedom and how the gamers’ feedback must be incorporated. In the case of decentralized gaming, it is something that can be done as several different assets are NFTs the plot might change for each person.

In conclusion

To summarize all that is mentioned above, decentralized gaming is indeed the future. There are several reasons why these decentralized games are going to take over the gaming world. They are indeed much more diverse when compared to their predecessors and are much more investible. These decentralized are more catered toward the audience and also come with added benefits like being able to trade certain assets within the game that are basically NFTs. There is also the factor of exclusivity where one of tense assets or items or even characters are only 1 of 1making them rare and actually unique. 

These are but a few reasons there are many more. For gamers to even make a reasonable-sized income they need to work really hard. Well, not anymore since these decentralized games also have started implementing P2E games, where you can make money without the risk aspect added to it. This not only allows the users to enjoy the game but at the same time earn a substantial income. With all that being said and done, the buzz is real and is here to stay.

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