General Principles of Effective Writing

Effective writing is important to learn especially for someone who has to write regularly or professionally. When someone writes, they are actually putting down their thoughts, ideas, trying to convey something, or want to explain a topic to the readers, and often people fail to communicate with their readers because of ineffective writing skills.

It’s easier to communicate face to face because while talking our emotions and facial expressions give away the context of what we are trying to say but when it comes to writing it gets difficult to put forth a suitable explanation and that’s why effective writing is important.

There are a few general principles of effective writing given by Dissertation Help In UAE which can help you accomplish adequately written pieces.

1. Target Audience

You should know whom you are writing for before getting into the procedure only then you can work according to your reader’s interests. For instance, if you are writing for the younger demographic then you should use terms and a writing style they will find familiar and easy to understand. You can’t use all the technical terms or difficult words and expect a fourteen-year-old to understand it.

2. Be Familiar with the Topic

Before explaining your topic you should be able to understand it as well. If you are not comfortable with what you are going to be writing about, then you would fail to write effectively for your readers. Get to know the topic and then begin to write.

3. Keep It to the Point

You should not waste the time of your readers at any cost. Be concise with what you’re writing and avoid lengthy and unnecessary points unless you are writing something that needs to be detailed. Keeping your writings to the point will help you communicate and convey your message precisely.

4. Keep It Simple

No matter which demographic you are writing for, try to keep your writing simple. Using simple and easy words will give clarity to your piece and it would be easier for the readers to understand. You should not use fancy and big words just to seem professional, the last thing you want to do is overcomplicate the topic for your readers that will make them lose their interest.

5. Use Correct Grammar

Incorrect use of grammar is a no-no. Grammar holds a written piece together, provides a sturdy structure, and shapes the whole content, and wrong use of grammar will prove to be a disaster. Your readers might finish reading your work but they would certainly not like it.

6. Reread

Once you’re done writing, you should reread the whole thing no matter how long it is. Rereading it would allow you to correct the mistakes you made which can turn out to be a turn-off for your readers and make your writings seem childish. Rereading will help you with mistakes you made unconsciously and this might even surprise you with the number of blunders you’ll find while rereading.

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