How to Draw a Tombstone? Here’s complete Guide!

How to Draw a Tombstone. There is something strange to walk into a cemetery and see rows of tombstones. These little stone monuments serve as a celebration of a person’s life and can come in many sizes and styles.

They also perform in scary movies and books, being a common Halloween decoration. For this reason, learning to draw a tombstone can be a fun way to get into the spirit of Halloween!

This is the guide to be, if that’s what you want to do, so don’t forget to read until the end of this guide, if you look like you! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing and coconut drawing.

Drawing Tombstone

Step 1:

Tombs usually have a very specific style or shape for their structure, and we reproduce a classic example in this guide on how to draw a tombstone. To start this process, we will start from the top of the tombstone.

When you draw this tombstone, don’t forget that it’s a thick stone plate and worth keeping in mind when you draw the depth of the tombstone. In this spirit, we will use a combination of straight lines and curves to create the shape of the tombstone.

The top will be wide and will adapt to each layer of the shape. Then, after drawing this outline, you can draw this depth about which we talk, extending some “rear” curved lines of the tombstone.

Step 2:

Now we will add some details and structure to your tomb design in this next step. First of all, we will draw a small crest near the top of the tombstone. This crest will go straight to where you stopped drawing in the last step. You can draw it by adding thin rectangular shapes to the corners we show in the reference image.

Once this crest is drawn, we will track another line inside the upper tip contour, as shown in the reference image. Finally, we will draw some straight lines on the top of the tombstone to create the sides. These lines would be better drawn by hand because we want to give the impression that it is made of rough stone.

Step 3:

This photo is starting to take shape now! In this third stage of our guide on how to draw a tombstone, we will film the base for it. First, extend the lines you drew to the sides of the tombstone a little more. So, after doing this, you can use straight lines to create the base of the tombstone.

During this, try to copy the line angles we use in our reference image. Then you will be ready to start adding decorative elements to the next step!

Step 4:

Now that you have the general plan of your tomb design, we can start adding more delicate details at this stage. First of all, we will draw many rounded forms near the base of the tombstone to create tufts of earth and rock.

It wouldn’t be a frightening tombstone without tearing, so let’s draw it on the head of the tombstone now. RIP will be designed in simple and clear text so that you can copy the reference image. You can also use a different source or style or even draw a name or more text information.

Then there will be an ornate cross held near the tip of the tombstone. You can end up drawing large crap in the tombstone to make it old and altered. In the next step, you will start adding some details and final items to finish well!

Step 5:

Before bringing colors to this image, first, we have some details and final touches to add to this step of our guide on how to draw a tombstone. The tombstone is already quite old and altered, but with these final details, we will do even more!

We added a lot of stripes, fleas, and cracks to make it even older. You can add more or less of these details, depending on the age you want him to look. For an additional touch, you can draw something like a ghost or skeleton if you want a Halloween feeling for this image.

Step 6:

As they are made of stone, tombstones are usually not particularly colored. In our example of this severe stone design, we use different shades of gray to create shadow and change effects. You can also use brown or others if you prefer!

If you want an atmospheric sensation for this image, an idea would be to use a slight white water colling washing around the base of the tombstone. This will give the impression that there is a crushing blanket around the tombstone. This is just an idea, but what else can you think to color this tomb of the tombstone?

Do this to pass your serious Tombstone drawing to the top level

Explore these 4 tips that we need to make your head sketch even better! For this drawing of a tombstone we created, we can see the tombstone and part of the dirt in which it is sitting. You can make the image even more interesting by adding other smaller elements around you.

For example, you should add grass blades or even flowers that grow around you. These types of details will help give this scene more sense of the place and make it more realistic. What other details like these could you add?

After customizing the area around the tombstone, you can add details to the stone itself. We have a R.I.P. On the tombstone, you can take the drawing a little beyond that.

For example, you can add a name or a set of years to make it more like a real tombstone. These are just some of the details you can add to make the tombstone even more authentic! Tombs are also often used in scary movies or Halloween decorations. You can add a frightening touch to this tomb drawing by adding horror elements.

For an idea, you can draw an armed skeleton plunging from the floor. Or you can have a scary ghost floating near the tombstone. Can you think of other scary touches you could use to finish the scene?

Finally, after adding all your details to your tombstone outline, you can draw a little more from the bottom. What is the extent of this experience, it will depend on you, but it would make the drawing even more involved.

You can draw the rest of the cemetery, and that would mean you could draw many other tombstones. Or, it may be nice to draw a large mansion haunted in the background. There are so many possibilities, and adding a background would allow you to make all kinds of funny scenes!

Your tomb drawing is complete!

The head chips are a symbol of a dark occasion or an accessory in a horror movie or a Halloween configuration. Nevertheless, we hope this guide on how to draw a tombstone has been a fun and easy experience for you.

Our goal was to remove all the difficulties of this drawing, dividing it into small steps. We also wanted to leave it open enough for you to add your details, so I hope we got it in these two goals!

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