How to Write a Compelling Essay Fast?

The more you progress educationally the more assignments and coursework will come your way. Most of you will find essays as one of the major submissions. Therefore you must learn to write essays early on so that you nail all the essay writing coming your way.

What is essay writing?

In essay writing, you choose a topic and express your ideas and concepts on it. The composition must be supported by a great thesis statement and explanations. A basic essay has an introduction, a statement, the body, and a conclusion. Remember the trick of write my essay is to write simple, clear, and compelling so that the readers stick around, understand the points you are making, and leaving with a handful of knowledge.

Today, we are going to break down the whole process of essay writing in bits and pieces so that you can follow the steps, implement, and execute to practice.

How To Write A Compelling Essay In 5 Steps?

Step 1: Choose A Topic

Initially, you may be assigned a topic but gradually you will have the liberty to choose it as per your interest. It is a good thing because you will not be limited and you can explore and present something where your expertise lies. The topic can be generic or very specific depending on the demand of the institution or instructions mentioned by the professors. In a specific topic, you will have to work extra hard because you may have to indulge yourself in a detailed analysis.

If you have to choose a topic, ask these questions to yourself:

-What is the purpose?

-Do you have enough credible resources to support your topic?

-Can you make the topic compelling based on your experience?

Step 2: Outline Your Ideas

Find out the subtopics that you will cover throughout the essay. Noting the pointers is essential firstly because you will know what to cover and secondly, you can easily find credible sources for them. Depending on the type of essay, you will make an outline, for instance, if it’s a descriptive essay, write the complete steps of the process. In case you are writing a cause and effect essay figure the causes and effects beforehand. If it’s a persuasive essay, write down every single argument you will make, etc.

Step 3: Write A Compelling Thesis Statement

Now that you have the essay structure ready, make a statement. A thesis statement is stating out loud what will you prove in the essay. In case of a compelling essay, you have to persuade your audience about the points you are going to make. So make sure it’s precise, to the point and has specificity. The purpose of writing a statement is to make sure that the readers know what topic you will be covering and why.

Step 4: Write Introduction, Body & Conclusion

Start writing your introduction where you will introduce your readers to the topic. Make sure it’s captivating and interesting. The body is where you mostly support it with evidence, provide an explanation, and describe the pointers you are making. The conclusion is the last part of the essay so you have to make sure that the readers are leaving on a good note with knowledge. So summarize everything and share how it can help the readers. You can also open it for discussion.

Step 5: Edit & Proofread

This is where you should concentrate the most. Avoid editing on the same day you wrote the essay. Try the next day with a fresh mind. Use tools to check grammar and plagiarism to make sure it’s perfect and up to the mark.


The more essay you write the better you will get at them. Just follow the simple steps and know which area demands most focus? If you are aiming for carrying out the whole process in time then you should know start by choosing the topic and mapping the essential points you are going to mention in introduction, body, and conclusion and then write the complete draft with citations. The last part is to edit and proofread the document, which will hardly take time and you will be good to go.

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