Is Ego the Rational Part of Personality?

The word Ego is often very confusing because of the psychological landscape and the concept behind it. Ego is used in several unique psychological processes and constructs that make it very difficult to understand. It creates fear in you and makes you question what others think about you.  You want to know if they are respecting you or not. Ego makes you give attention and importance to someone else’s thoughts which can last for either a long or short time. Ego always wants you to be all alone by yourself, this is why a very egoistic person is very comfortable being alone. It also wants you to only be around people that honor and respect you.

If you are acting naturally, you won’t mind if there are people are around you or not because you are the same. But an egoistic person is different in different companies.

What is the meaning of Ego?

Your Ego is an unconscious part of your mind that helps to identify with your belief, habits, and personality. Ego is a feeling of separateness, and non-belonging.

It is the feeling of wanting to prove something or possess something. There are also many Ego Quotes in Hindi that talks about both the positive and negative benefit of ego.

Ego is not a natural phenomenon, but a deliberate action taken by someone because of the person’s belief. When you have Ego, it creates tension in you and does not allow love to flow within you. Ego makes you very stiff, causes discomfort, and heaviness within you.

Is Ego important in life?

Ego is an important part of growth however, it must be transcended at a particular stage up avoid misuse. When you become manure, you realize you need to drop all the emotional roller coaster you went through as a teenager. You will need to start acting differently from a new space because you are now an adult. At this stage of your life, you need to drop your ego. This will help you balance and perfect your growth.

When you have an imbalance of growth, your mental growth will not be able to think like an adult. I believe you have been around an adult that still thinks like a teenager, that is a great example and fact.

Signs to know you have an ego

You never ask questions

No matter how intelligent you are, you can’t always have all the answers every time. Admitting you don’t know an answer to a question does not make you uninformed, weak, or dull.

It shows you are always ready to learn and improve your skills. Not asking questions all the time is a clear indication that you have an ego.

And if you are working in an organization, you won’t be able to reach out to our fellow employers, customers, or business partners.

It will be difficult for you to ask them about what you are working on, what they think about your ideas, and clarity on things you do not understand.

Asking questions and being open to learning is a sign of a great and strong leader and not a weak one.

Ignores the comments you don’t like

We all know the truth hurts but it is something everybody needs to hear. A true and strong leader encourages and embraces it.

If you don’t have an ego, you will always respond to all feedback whether they like it or not. You know you have an ego problem if all the things listed below have happened to you.

  • No one has ever given you negative feedback.
  • You have never asked for people’s thoughts on what you are doing.
  • You are always offended when people give you a bad comment or feedback on what you are doing.
  • You give a bad attitude or respond harshly when someone talks to you about your attitude.

Always asking for feedback and being open to comments is a trait of a humble and healthy person.

Only surrounded with people that say yes

When you only surround yourself with those who only say yes to everything you say, they will not be able to challenge the way you think or speak.

You ego might be at work when you experience the following

  • None of your close friends or family has anything that contradicts what you believe.
  • Your inner circle always makes quick decisions with little to no challenges when it comes to your idea.
  • Everyone you do not diversity
  • People who challenge your ideals are always labeled bad and problematic.

The best decision is always made when people debate and come to an agreement.

You always feel the need to control

People that have ego problems always believe they know what is best, therefore, they always feel the need to control everything that comes their way.

You have an ego if you feel the following

  • You are always waiting for everyone on your team to make mistakes.
  • Nothing is done perfectly;y when you are away.
  • You are more focused on your day-to-day operations and insignificant things instead of searching for better opportunities.
  • No one can make a better decision without your input.
  • You are always giving everyone detailed instructions about how to perform their job.

Always give people the chance and time to make decisions and create success in their own way. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes.

You have never ask for help

People with egos believe they have a reputation to hold on to therefore, they can never ask for help.

Your ego is affecting you if you experience the following

  • You are always worried about what [people will say if they know you need help.
  • You always feel your reputation will be tarnished if you ask someone for help.
  • You believe you have gotten where you are on your own, therefore, you don’t need anyone to move forward.

Been open and asking for help will help you learn from other’s experiences and you won’t make the same mistakes they made.

You always want to win

You have an ego if you always want to be right even when you know you are wrong

You have a problem if you do the following

  • You always want to be right.
  • You never stop an argument until everyone admits you are right.
  • You are always angry r embarrassed every time you loose

The bottom line

Having an ego is not necessarily a bad thing when you use it in a more positive way. You only need to learn how to tame your ego and work towards becoming a better person.

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