Are you aware of these Fitness Myths?

Everybody has a list of new year resolutions. One such goal must be to keep yourself fit. Whether you are in the gym, jogging in the park, or trying to lose weight with yoga, it is important that you do not fall victim to the various fitness myths that surround us. Let’s check out the biggest fitness myths that you should be aware of and the reality behind them. Before you gear up for your next fitness routine.

For some people, there is a fairly good chance that they will be needed to participate in a medically supervised weight loss program. This implies that you will have to be a part of a total weight loss program including diet, medication, and exercise. A number of insurances need this to be supervised by a doctor who is other than your surgeon. This has to be done as a testimony as a commitment to make a change in his lifestyle.

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Myth: I will appear bulky if I lift weights

Fact: Weight training is responsible for an average of 70 percent of your calorie burn. Bulk actually comes from a diet that is loaded with calories and is generally recommended to bodybuilders. You can easily burn fat by combining weight training with a nutritional diet that contains medium to low calories for burning the fat in your body without adding any bulk.

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Myth: The more sweat you lose at the gym, the more fat you lose

Fact: In reality, it really depends on how harder you work out. Calories burn by working out not by sweating.

Myth: Fat turns into muscles with exercise.

Fact: The fact of the matter is that fat and muscles are entirely different tissues, therefore, any attempts to transform one into the other are often unsuccessful.

Myth: If I am not sore, I am not exercising right.

Fact: People often mistake soreness as a performance indicator while going to a gym. It is fairly normal to experience some pains and discomfort while exercising. However, soreness is not a good indicator to measure performance. Soreness generally results when you are pushing your body too hard. The success of your fitness regime lies in the fact that you are challenging your muscles to their fullest potential.

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