How to Safely Wear and Take Off A Cloth Face Covering?

Coronavirus disease (COVID) is an infectious disease that is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person sneezes, coughs or exhales. The droplets can stay in the air or on hard surfaces for more than 72 hours.

To prevent catching onto the virus, one must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. If going out isn’t necessary, people must avoid going out and interacting with people. If it is important to step out, ensure that you have your mask on. Womens Red Quilted Leather Jacket has a collection of casual jackets that could be your go-to outfit for a quick grocery run.

A mask is an additional measure that can slow down the spread of Coronavirus disease. While being in public, one must always put on a mask and avoid touching it. Do not interact with a large group of people and maintain a safe distance of six inches from others. Masks are to keep you and your loved ones safe.

According to the CDC, people must wear masks in public and around people who don’t live in their household. Children under 2 years must not wear masks. There are certain ways that can be implemented to ensure that you are wearing a cloth face covering in the right way or not. Below are the ways that will help you in wearing and taking off a cloth face covering correctly. Have a look:

Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask in public and around people who don’t live in your home is essential. The spread of Coronavirus can harm you and your loved ones and can also be the reason for a big loss. By wearing a mask, you can reduce the risk of getting infected. As you wear a mask:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. The only way to stay safe from the infectious virus, is to keep your hands clean. Before you put on a mask, ensure to wash your hands and dry them.
  2. Place the mask correctly on your face. Put the mask on your nose and mouth, and secure it under your chin. Make sure that you are comfortable and secure. 
  3. Fit in your mask against the sides with the strings over your ears.
  4. Ensure that you can breathe easily and you are comfortable.
  5. Do not touch the mask again and again as you are wearing it, because since you are in public, your hands might have the infected particles over them, and as you touch your mask, you may endanger yourself.
  6. If the mask has an exhalation valve or vent, it is not useful according to CDC.

What Will Happen If You Wear a Mask?

Wearing a mask can slow down the deadly spread of COVID-19. You will not only protect yourself by wearing a mask, but you can also be a reason for your loved one’s safety. As you are wearing a mask that covers up your nose and mouth, you can protect others in case you are infected. For maximum protection wear a mask correctly, that is, by covering up your nose and mouth and securing it under your chin.

Take Off a Mask

  1. As you get home and are no longer around people who don’t live in your household, you can take off your mask. But, be careful because if done wrongly, you can get infected despite being careful among the crowd. As you take off a mask:
  2. Untie the strings that you used to set the mask on your face or simply stretch the ear loops.
  3. Do not touch the mask. Handle the mask with the ear loops only, because if you touch the mask, there might be a chance to get the infected germs inside your mouth or nose.
  4. Fold the outside corners of the mask together. 
  5. Put the mask in the laundry.
  6. Wash your hands immediately. Do not touch your face, nose, mouth or eyes before washing your hands. 


The entire world is under the pandemic of COVID-19 and people are literally losing their loved ones to this infectious disease. Instead of acting casual just because all your loved ones are safe, stay cautious. Maintain social distancing and wear a mask when in public. You wearing a mask, can save the lives of others. Ensure to wash your hands again and again and maintain hygiene. Make sure that you are wearing your mask correctly and you dispose of it in the right way.

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