Pisces Zodiac Sign – Health and Disease

The vitality of individuals of the zodiac sign Pisces depends on the last decade within which they were born: if we are talking about the primary two, then physically they’re less strong, although normally their health can’t be called weak. Within the third decade, the impact of energetic Mars is felt, which makes Pisces born at this point more powerful. 

Vulnerabilities and Customary Problems in Pisces

In the physical body, the sign of Pisces corresponds to the feet, on which, as you recognize, there are an enormous number of biologically active points. Everything associated with the circulation of fluids within the body, yet because the system also falls under the influence of this zodiac sign

The most vulnerable parts of the body of Pisces also include the lymphatic and digestive systems, the cardiovascular system, heart, fingers, ligaments, tendons, and ankles. The foremost typical ailments for them are colds, viral infections, pneumonia, infectious diseases, fungal diseases, conjunctivitis, problems with the endocrine glands, increased production of mucus within the intestines and lungs. an entire group of Pisces diseases is related to the system, they’re often in the middle of neurasthenia, neuroses, and various mental disorders. It’s been noticed that among Pisces there are many that suffer from schizophrenia. 

Pisces Sick, Features of the Course of Diseases

Even the foremost serious diseases are difficult for Pisces. Their ailments are characterized by a latent course, they’re difficult to diagnose. It’s preferable for people with this zodiac sign to pander to a general practitioner who knows the entire history of their diseases; they have careful examinations and increased attention. Don’t let Pisces heal themselves. These people enjoy reading medical literature, even when it’s not necessary, and nearly always find symptoms of non-existent diseases in themselves.

A characteristic feature of Pisces is their ability to create health problems for themselves: once they think they’re sick, destructive mechanisms are literally triggered in their body, resulting in a true illness. The sensitivity of this sign to drugs is increased, especially for sedatives. Additionally, Pisces often suffer from slow metabolic processes, which is why toxins and other waste don’t seem to be always properly aloof from their body, so Pisces should be very careful when reading and taking medicines.

How to Maintain and Improve Health: Tips for Pisces

Given the direct relationship between the balance of the systema nervosum of Pisces and also the state of their health, one in all the most conditions for strengthening the body will be called minimizing the number of negative emotions they receive. These people have to love themselves and learn to calmly perceive everything that’s happening around. Pisces suffer from the sensation of a large difference between what their rich imagination paints and reality, so that they shouldn’t allow themselves to dive into their own fantasies too deeply. 

Pisces often have vision problems, within which case they’re advised to use exercises from the yoga arsenal to strengthen the muscles of the eyes.

For the quickly tired, often stressed Pisces, good rest is incredibly important. Representatives of this sign find it difficult to relax, especially after strong overexcitation, but they’re not recommended to require sedatives or alcohol: they develop addiction very quickly. Pisces also quickly get wont to other drugs, therefore, with prolonged use, drugs must be periodically replaced with analogues.

It is very useful to systematically massage the feet – the body of Pisces responds well to such a massage. People of this sign should generally pay special attention to their legs – they have to be protected against injury and from hypothermia, kept warm and dry.

As the health horoscope suggests, Pisces respond well to homeopathic remedies, especially since they’re not addictive, therefore, if possible, their use is suggested within the first place. These people are shown quite others psychoanalysis and therapy supported this theory. The iridology method works effectively against them.

Any water procedures are useful for Pisces, and trips to the ocean for representatives of this zodiac sign isn’t just a pleasure, but a significant necessity. Music lessons, poetry, philosophy, maintaining equal relationships with loved ones help to scale back the excitability of the system. Physical activity for Pisces should be moderate; not only swimming and other water sports are good for them, but also cycling, rowing, aerobic dancing, fencing, furthermore as yoga, of which stretching exercises are more useful than other signs to Pisces.

Pisces Health Horoscope

When considering the health of Pisces, one must take under consideration the actual fact that the representative of this zodiac sign is incredibly mysterious and sensitive.

This makes his psyche and well-being very susceptible to the negative effects of the environment.

The health of the zodiac sign Pisces often suffers from self-hypnosis, because this person is ready to convince himself of the presence of any incredible disease.

However, it should be noted that suggestibility makes his recovery presumably through psychotherapy, since taking medications can cause addiction on a part of his body.

The representative of this zodiac sign should devote longer to walking before visiting bed and swimming, not only to stay fit, but to combat insomnia and stress.

Weaknesses of the Body of Pisces

The health of the zodiac sign Pisces may be threatened by infectious diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets. That’s why during epidemics, this person should be especially careful and attentive, and even with the mildest symptoms, consult a doctor.

The health horoscope for the sign of Pisces foreshadows possible problems related to nervousness. Additionally, one should take under consideration the very fact that this person may have a predisposition to tumors.

The representative of this zodiac sign often suffers from migraines and insomnia, and in a very more severe kind of neurosis, he may face hallucinations and mental disorders.

It should be remembered that this person very often encompasses a cold on his feet, which ends up in impaired blood circulation. Health Pisces are most vulnerable to diseases that begin within the lower extremities: colds, flat feet, or swelling.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Health

Impacts – Feet, body fluids, gastro-abdominal region, pineal body and vascular system. Diseases – a bag on the skin of the large toe, gout, tumors, fungal diseases.

As a rule, people born within the first twenty years of the constellation period (February 20 – March 12) don’t have abundant physical energy, although they’re generally healthy. 

Pisces health problems are more likely to be related to an interior emotion than with the influence of microbes and other factors. Even once they are outwardly calm and relaxed, everything inside them is bubbling with anxiety and gloomy forebodings. This adversely affects their system, creating the preconditions for various diseases. Ill, they’re at risk of pessimistic prognosis. Friends and loved ones who visit them about illness only make matters worse, despite good intentions.

If Mars is unfavorably located at the time of birth, Pisces is liable to some extent to diseases of the duodenum, during which calcium is absorbed. During this case, there’s a calcium deficiency, which provides cavities, which must be treated from an early age. Lack of calcium within the blood adversely affects the system, and irritation creates disorders that threaten health.

Pisces are characterized by tumors, fungal diseases, mucus within the lungs and intestines, disorders of the glands, softening of tissues, weakness and swelling of the legs, conjunctivitis. Accidents usually involve those parts of the body that are stricken by this constellation. Therefore, you wish to watch out for bruises within the legs and use comfortable shoes. Scratches and cuts on the skin, especially those born within the third decade, can not be neglected. An untreated wound can cause serious infection.

Pisces require a diet rich in protein, which provides energy for the right functioning of body cells, reducing the tendency to retain water in tissues. It also nourishes the skeletal muscles that help maintain a straight body. If fats and sugar prevail within the menu with an absence of protein, posture immediately begins to deteriorate, bones are deformed, abdominal muscles sag, having a harmful effect on the stomach and intestines. Digestion of food is impaired, since the walls of the intestines cannot address their function of moving food in undulating movements. Lean meat, eggs, Pisces, cheese, yogurt, and nuts will help provide the body with the proper amount of protein.

The health of Pisces depends to an outsized extent on the presence within the blood of a sufficient amount of iron phosphate, which contributes to the availability of oxygen to the body. Deficiencies can cause anemia, low vital signs, depression, disorder, swelling, and a dull, throbbing headache. Shortness of breath may occur after any effort. Feeling of general tiredness is feasible. Fortunately, this salt is present in common foods, although it’s expelled by heat treatment, especially cooking. Eat raw lettuce, strawberries, radishes, cucumbers, almonds, walnuts and raisins. Spinach, beef liver, beans, and lean beef are very beneficial.

Women and kids tend to suffer from iron deficiency, as women lose iron during menstruation and youngsters need it to grow. The zodiacal mineral of Pisces is organic iodine. the simplest sources of iodine are seafood and ocean Pisces. Herbs harmonious to the sign are elecampane and seaweed.

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