US entering ‘different’ phase of coronavirus outbreak

Person of President Trump’s top pharmaceutical experts has warned that the US is opening a new phase in its fight upon the coronavirus pandemic.

Deborah Birx told CNN the disease was “extraordinarily widespread” across the country and a greater threat than when the outbreak first began.

She said it was now hitting rural areas as well as big cities.

She said rural districts were not immune and should wear masks and function social distancing.
Can summer survive America’s coronavirus inflorescence?

Where are the world’s coronavirus hotspots?The US has recorded more cases and deaths than any other country.

According to a tally by Johns Hopkins University, more than 4.6 million infections and at least 154,834 deaths have been confirmed in America.
Worldwide, nearly 18 million cases and at least 687,072 deaths have been reported.
What did Birx say?

“To everybody who lives in a country area, you are not privileged or shielded from this virus,” said Dr Birx, a front member of the White House’s coronavirus task organization.

“This epidemic right now is complex and it’s more widespread and it’s both rural and urban.”

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