What is Orthokeratology and why should we know about that?

Ortho-K, also known as orthokeratology, is a treatment for the blurred vision that does not involve invasive procedures such as laser surgery or the ongoing use of corrective lenses. This treatment is considered to be non-invasive. A minor amount of pressure is applied to the cornea overnight in order to subtly reshape it and improve the patient’s eyesight. The seasoned optometrists at EyePractice in Singapore will be able to tell you whether or not Ortho-K is the best option for your eyesight after conducting an examination of your eyes.

Ortho-K: Who Really Needs It?

As part of the orthoptic vision therapy that you are receiving, you will need to wear specialised contact lenses at night while you sleep so that they can subtly reshape your corneas. Your ability to see clearly is dependent on the cornea, which is a dome of transparent tissue that sits at the front of the eye and transmits light to the retina. Ortho-K is typically effective in treating myopia and other issues related to nearsightedness.

In what ways does Ortho-K function?

First, your eye will be measured and mapped by the optometrists. After we take the necessary measurements, we can recommend a set of gas-permeable, rigid contact lenses. The cornea will be pressed against these lenses, yet oxygen will still be able to reach the eye.

The cornea is reshaped and the curvature of the eye is corrected by wearing contact lenses at night. It is similar to the effect of straightening teeth by sleeping with an aligning tray in the mouth. Reaching the desired corneal curvature often requires a succession of contact lenses, with the final lens serving to retain the shape after it has been achieved.

Can Ortho-K Guarantee a Lifetime of Clear Vision?

Over time, the effects of Ortho-K will become less noticeable. When the cornea is no longer subjected to the consistent force of the contact lenses, it will revert to its natural form. Ensure that you wear your lenses on a consistent basis and visit our optometrists at regular intervals so that we may evaluate how effectively the lenses are serving your needs.

Ortho-K is more expensive than regular lenses, but why is that?

You’ll have to pay more because the lenses are made just for your eyes. To achieve a flawless fit, more time, care, and high-quality materials are used, all of which raise the price. Exact measurements of the corneal curvature and a thorough examination of the eyes are included in the price.

Another reason patients pick ortho-k lenses over other options is because it solves a problem that no other solution does. Anyone who wants their eyesight corrected but doesn’t want to wear corrective lenses during the day or go under the knife will choose ortho-k because it’s the most convenient and least invasive option.

Many parents of myopic children have opted for ortho-k lenses rather than pursuing alternative methods of myopia management due to the success of these lenses in halting the progression of juvenile myopia and improving the ocular health and vision of the myopic patients who wear them.

After undergoing ortho-k, patients are able to see clearly during the day without the need for corrective glasses. Children may be more physically active in school and sports if they do not have to wear corrective lenses.

Your child no longer needs to worry about or deal with the inconvenience of having to put on glasses or contacts during the day. Even if they are forgotten at school or at home, your child won’t end up losing them.

Easier to use than contact lenses or glasses during the day

The time required for daylight eyesight to reach its full potential varies. In most cases, the more severely nearsighted a person is, to begin with, the longer it takes to correct their vision. After just one night of use, many patients report a dramatic improvement in their eyesight. It may take 7-10 nights before the full impact is noticeable, with clear daytime vision. If your child wears the lenses consistently at night, he or she should have no trouble using them during the day. If you are an adult then ortho-k might not work for you then you can choose to wear Lindberg Eyewear for correct vision.

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